Has the Time Come to Replace the Federal Government?

After Clinton appointed Judge Susan Bolton ruled Wednesday that–for all intents and purposes–Arizona does not have the right to protect itself or its citizens from invading drug cartels and the illegal foreign hordes that are bleeding it dry of its resources, it should have become apparent to even the dimmest that We-the-People no longer exist. We are now living under a tyranny developed, directed, implemented and enforced by the Marxists in power.

To add insult to injury, as The Obama and its minions refuse to enforce the invasion of a foreign power from assaulting our border and willfully and with malice refusing to protect US citizens, Hezbollah terrorists who have already invaded with blessings from The Obama will be allowed to continue to do so.

With this latest atrocity perpetrated by the US Federal government against We-the-People, isn’t it time to at least consider replacing the Federal government with something that works for us instead of against us? That is, assuming we citizens (almost serfs) still have any choice at all. Isn’t it time to give back the power to the United States? With its bought and paid for leftist judges, election fraud and openly racist units, The Obama and is now being given Carte Blanche to do anything he wants to control and destroy We-the-People and what used to be our country. Not even a provable US citizen, The Obama and his masters are the worst things to have ever invaded the United States of America; a USA that has now been destroyed. No more a Republic, Judge Bolton has also now ruled that States have no right to their own sovereignty.

The Republic may have now come to its end, folks. Obama can now cheer and have another wild and extravagantly expensive party on the backs of We-the-People. Who would have thought we would be totally destroyed by a foreign power called Obama? Oh yeah! Our founders did when they incorporated Article II into the US Constitution, which reads: “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President…” They may not have known The Obama’s name but they knew — if given the chance — what it would do. It has now done it.

Judge Blocks Key Parts of Immigration Law in Arizona:

Hezbollah incursions and invasion:

US Constitution, Article II:

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