GOP Globalism: Grover Norquist Awaits Rick Perry’s Presidential Candidacy

Norquist at CPAC, 2010

Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform has delayed a planned GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, NV, in order to first allow Rick Perry to throw his ten gallon hat into the ring.

Gulag Bound has held up Norquist as a model of the fatal co-opting of the conservative and Tea Party movements by corrupt transnationalists. If you wish to see how that is, read this February’s “The Trouble at CPAC & the Real Dividing Line for Conserving America.”

One can think of pseudoconservative organizers and operators such as Norquist as the Tweedledees on the right, to Tweedledums on the left such as George Soros and Maurice Strong.

We look forward to pointing out how Texas Governor Rick Perry is ensconced in the causes and effects of transnationalism and globalism, which wage clear and present warfare against the independent and constitutional American republic of sovereign and free Citizens.

And for now, we have a big tip-off about Gov. Perry, from Grover Norquist, as reported through Patriot Action Network.

News of a delayed debate out in Nevada is a pretty big deal. Delaying something like a Presidential debate isn’t a decision you make lightly, and Americans for Tax Reform believes there is a good reason for doing so… Rick Perry.

The organizers of the next presidential debate, scheduled for mid-July in Las Vegas, postponed the event Friday in anticipation of the entry of Texas Gov. Rick Perry into the race.

“We’re waiting for Perry,” said Grover Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform, which is co-sponsoring the debate with conservative Web site The Daily Caller. Norquist would not elaborate on how certain he is that Perry will run for president. But since former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney decided not to attend and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman is also unlikely to participate, it made sense to wait to see if Perry jumps in.


Those who wish to learn more about candidates for U.S. President, 2012 may read Kelleigh Nelson’s series in process, “The Phony Right Wing & Who is Selling Us Down the River?

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