Streaming: Meet PJ Foggy, Radical Obama Obot & the Odd Eligibility Protection Posse

Radio Patriot
by Andrea Shea King

Bill "PJ Foggy" Bryan, bar relinquished attorney and Obama-bot

Who is Bill Bryan, aka “PJ Foggy” the Raleigh, North Carolina florist? And what is his connection to the rabid pro-Obama Fogbow Forum and website Politijab?  Who brags that he took down Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s Gretawire?  Who at one time held a license to practice law?  Who is reported to be at the center of the network of Obama radical activists who forged and distributed a fraudulent Kenyan birth certificate in August 2009? Who has made various attempts to influence various judges before whom attorney Orly Taitz has brought eligibility law suits?

William “PJ Foggy” Bryan is one of the “Obots” who loves to wreak havoc and cause mayhem in radio show chatrooms and Internet forums.  He and his pack of Orc-like cretins prowl the Internet, eager to harass and intimidate others who don’t share their slavish devotion to their “master.”  Who are these malevolent people?

“Under the cover of his username, Bryan and his associates have engaged in an aggressive campaign to disrupt any and all attempts to pursue legal challenges to Obama’s eligibility, while seeking to ridicule in vile and abusive terms those who dare advance or support publicly such legal efforts,” wrote Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Recently Dr. Corsi worked with the researcher who followed these Obama operatives’ tracks and wrote the  findings in a three-part series at WorldNetDaily, revealing their names, their locations, and their professions.  In some cases, links to the health care industry and monies received in stimulus funds were discovered.  Several are or were attorneys, and at least one of them was removed from practicing law in California.

On Thursday night, we spoke with the researcher who  — using public information readily available on the Internet, sleuthed out the identities of these malcontents. If you missed it, you can listen here:

Gulag Notes:

Prof. Richard Rockwell, U. of Connecticut photo

Tracy also discusses numerous other O-bots and their apparent identities, including Sociology Professor Richard C. Rockwell of the University of Connecticut, the Marxofascist climate change movement, and of Obotic Reality Check Radio.

Also, Kevin Davidson, whom Tracy fingers as “Dr. Conspiracy” and as she points out, a potential benefactor of Obamacare and/or “Stimulus” money.

We believe you may find especially interesting their discussion of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s prosecution, recent military promotion(s) for officer(s) involved, and their alleged connection(s) to the Fogbow/RCR posse.

Also interesting is the analysis of the birth certificate focus as a red herring ploy of the Obots, to divert attention from Obama’s ineligibility for the presidency due to his status as a British subject at birth (if Barack Obama Sr. is actually his father).

Tracy’s videos on these subjects may be found at:


  1. A gang of Obots also pestered me after I published this on my blog, The Crossbow.

    The spend a lot of time defying logic in order to obfuscate the key point — that their hero, Foggy, committed a series of crimes, and likely involved them in a criminal conspiracy.

    A couple of them tried to hang the threat of a “defamation” lawsuit around my neck. So, I have pursued his real identity. (I had it in about 20 minutes, and got confirmation of it today.)

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