Old World Authoritarians Nurturing Brazil in the New World Order

It’s mourning time in America and another alarm clock rings.

A couple decades ago, virulent Russian and Chinese communism was reigned-in, with the influence of their central bankers, into a more “sustainable,” more old-world, tried and true authoritarianism.  It generally turns out to be fascism without the nationalism, but globalism instead, while Marxism is still, largely, the language the globalists speak and neo-Marxists such as Barack Obama remain classic pieces on their game board.

"Coat of arms of Brazil" from new-world-order-brazil.com

Call it globally controlled, state-administered, crony capitalism.  But make no mistake, it is the tyrannical enemy of the authentic United States of America and its Soft War is at present defeating us.

Matters made worse, this enemy has been deeply ensconced in the halls of power and money in America for decades, malignantly and yes, very conspiratorially involved in the progressive movement in both Democratic and Republican politics.  Norman Dodd and the Reece Committee warned about this in the middle of the last century.  Before that, Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln fought the central banking sources of their power.

Brazil is a darling of this monster in the Western Hemisphere, as the words and actions of Rothschild spawned Maurice Strong and George Soros attest. Here is one little set of results that illustrates the bigger story, shown at Bloomberg.com.

Brazilians Buy Miami Condos at Bargain Prices After 45% Surge in Currency

By John Gittelsohn and Jose Sergio Osse – Jun 21, 2011 11:54 AM CT

Frederico Azevedo went to Florida looking for a second home. He left with three, paying $300,000 and $500,000 for condos in two Miami towers, and $1 million for a unit at the Trump International resort in nearby Sunny Isles.

“I bought one to use as a vacation home and the other two as investments,” Azevedo, 39, president of Construtora Altana Ltda, a housing-development company, said in a telephone interview from his office in Sao Paulo. “It’s actually very cheap in Miami compared to here.”

Surging real estate prices in Brazil and the currency’s 45 percent gain against the U.S. dollar since 2008 are sending Brazilians to South Florida in search of bargain vacation homes and property investments. That’s helping bolster Miami’s condo market, with total sales increasing 79 percent in the first five months of 2011 from a year earlier, according to data from the Florida Association of Realtors released today.

In the Miami area, Brazilians bought 9 percent of homes and apartments sold to international buyers in the 12 months through March 2010, behind only Canadians and Venezuelans, according to the Miami Association of Realtors. Since then, “anecdotal evidence certainly points to a significant increase,” said Lynda Fernandez, a spokeswoman for the group. In May, international clients bought about 60 percent of existing houses and condos and 90 percent of newly built homes, the association reported today.


Just two more shadowbox showcases of Brazil, for a museum of shadow government and shadow control, one may visit Petrobras and the Rio Summits.

Arlen Williams with assistance from Tallulah Starr

h/t: Merylee

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