Gulag Night: Cliff Kincaid on Leon Panetta, Documented Communist Collaborator

NOTE: For more in written form on Leon Panetta’s Communist collaboration, see our tag: Panetta Communist.

Cliff KincaidGulag Night – Monday, June 20, 10pm ET

Guest: Cliff Kincaid for one hour that exposes Leon Panetta.
(Stream or call 310-807-5060. Edit: you may stream the archive now)

Track the work of Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon at, which reveals evidence that CIA Director and prospective Secretary of Defense is a communist collaborator, no cute figure of speech meant.

See Gulag Bound articles tagged “Leon Panetta” for published and further entries.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) late afternoon, the U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on his confirmation.  You may call your senators at (202) 224-3121 or visit this page.  Please tell them to vote “no” and demand a Congressional investigation — and remind them we know about Panetta even if they do not.

America’s leading investigative reporter on the ever developing Marxist movement in America, Mr. Kincaid runs the America’s Survival site and is Director of Investigative Journalism for Accuracy in Media (AIM).

Edit: We were joined by leading dissident, investigative journalists of Gulag America, James Simpson and AJ.  The conversation was highly revelatory and enlightening. And America is in deep, deep trouble.

Hosts: Arlen Williams & Tallulah Starr


  1. The program is over and it was immensely important — and very good dialogue and information from Cliff Kincaid, as well as Jim Simpson, AJ, and Tallulah. I recommend listening to the archive.

    Please contact your U.S. Senator immediately.

    Or, should I confess it is not true at all and just made up by bigoted proboscisists? (I.e., those who are biased against certain unfamiliar noses).

  2. My senators are Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk , both of them in Illionis. Dick Durbin never has agreed with me once, not once, Mark Kirk has the wierdest Ideas I’v eever heard, a few years ago he sent me a lertter saying he think s all children should learn Arabic nd Chinese in grade school, th elower gdes, he mus thave known smehting I didn’t kn wbecause now we ar eover run wiht Msulims, and th eChinese are building their own cities right here in the US. Durbin is one stp up form a communist in my oppinion. I am not represented in my state so when someone tells me to call my Senators I am out of luck. Dick Durbin also accused me of reporting soemthing ot the authorities, I sitll dont’ know what he is talking aobut but it scred me enough ot never ever emil him again.

  3. I’m really late to the party here. I came to this site tonite,8-14-11 from a link that ws sent to me: “Days of Rage” is the product of Chicago’s Weathermen, led by Obama workmate Billy Ayers and cohabitants.” So I began to links within the article and after a few ended up in this one. I’m slapping my head. How the hell did this country ever end up where we are? Some of these articles just answered that.

    I’m a 62 y/o conservative with the Tea Party spirit. Major involved politically since 2000 calling to all those bastards on the HilI. I call myself a original patriot of the Founding Fathers. When I was 12 years old I worked my ass off, not once taking a hand out. Even prior to 2000 I never bought any of this shit the Left has been spewing but our side has gotten in bed in past years with the ‘Hegelians’.

    I’ve been saying for the past number of months this year this IS going to be the Election Cycle form Hell. We have a lot of correcting to do and this demon regime is not going down quiet but screaming.

    And Madeleine, there are some good conservative law firms that do good pro bono work if you REALLY want protection. I wouldn’t take any shit from a commie congressman. Ask around, google whatever but get protection.

    Kicking Ass,

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