Fool a Communist Once…


Zombie has a photo spread and post up over at Pajamas Media that should drive numerous points home with all of us. We’ve heard from Glenn Beck and others that the Islamists and the Communists have essentially linked arms in the Middle East to accomplish hijacking Democracy in the name of freedom. They will deliver a very different form of leadership, I guarantee it.

The first photo above, displays three possible outcomes to what many laughably see as the “Arab Spring” sweeping the Middle East. The unfolding events are more like a “Tyrannical Winter” in their possibilities…

You could have Democracy and freedom occur – but it won’t. The people will either trade their current lot for what they “think” is democracy or they will willingly follow Islamic rule. Either way, they will be subjugated and ruled – possibly under a far harsher hand than they experienced before. Such is the world history of dictatorial conquest.

The Communists could win – more likely, but I doubt it. Remember, they linked arms with the radial Jihadists in the 70s and 80s as well in Iran, thinking that after they won (they did) they would rule either under Communism or a hybrid of Islam and Communism (they didn’t). Religious radicals win out every time – they aren’t afraid to die for their cause and they believe God is on their side. It trumps vanilla Communism every time.

A radical form of Islamic rule could win – this is the likeliest of the outcomes. An Islamic Caliphate will ensue and the dance of the apocalypse could begin. You can bet the Mullahs will just be itching to start driving Israel into the sea and finish what Hitler started, the extermination of the Jews. And then the West will be on their dance card of death. Good times indeed… Unless of course, you are Israel or us.

The Communists never learn it would seem. They are just repeating the same old hateful, evil mistakes of the past. Right into the arms of the Ummah and the insane Islamofascists. They will be useful tools until the Islamists have total control and then they will either convert or die with the rest, they just don’t know it yet.

And Russia will use the Islamic states or will try to, to strengthen their global agenda and get rid of Israel and the US. But Russia couldn’t control them before in the end – I think they may be disappointed this time as well.

I would love to see freedom in the Middle East – but I fear that Muslims in the end will follow their religious leaders and freedom will be forgotten in favor of religious conquest and expansion. And as the UN and the West push forward with Responsibility to Protect, it is only a matter of time before a Caliphate is in place and a final showdown starts to play itself out between the free world and a religious monstrosity that, should it prevail, usher in a new dark age on this planet where you convert, submit or die. The left would be among the first to be dealt with and they can’t even see it coming. Pity…

As for the US… As soon as we can clean house of some of the Progressives and Marxists who are trying to rule us into a one world government, we will fight the Islamofascists with everything we’ve got. Just remember boys, good wins in the end and Americans are the white hats (most of them any way).

Read all of Zombie’s post here and check out the photos. I never get tired of watching the loonies go by. I just wish they’d just keep on going is all.

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