Michael Moriarity on Marxist Movie Making

Big Gulag took a dip into Big Hollywood and found Mr. Moriarity telling it as it is, about Oliver Stone’s friends and rivals in tinsel town.  I always liked Moriarity’s compellingly realistic acting, but his present acting out about political realities is more to be praised.

Take a read at “Hollywood’s Soviet Story.”

Have you had enough of their stuff?  It seems Double-M has and he doesn’t Mickey Mouse around. nor does anyone need to.  After all, their Marxist team is just commissar country boys — or commie boys from the city.

Moriarity pleads for truth tellers to step up to the plate to make honest films about Marxism, suggesting the reality of Chairman Mao’s unfathomable mass murder and mahem, for just one example.  (And f that were to occur, so should telling the story of the role certain Americans played, in providing for Mao’s victory over Chiang Kai-shek.  More about that in Gulag Bound, soon.)

But where is our conservative Oliver Stone, Stephen Spielberg or James Cameron?

Nowhere to be found.

An endless horizon of material sits before such an artist.

That quintessentially American film-maker is out there.

We just have to find him and help him … or her!

Oh, I know it’s long, but please try to view The Soviet Story in its entirety.

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