Adam Kokesh, Paid Russian Agent

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Cliff Kincaid of USA Survival News confronts anti-war activist Adam Kokesh over his paid position with Moscow’s propaganda channel Russia Today.

Cliff Kincaid is one of the few journalists to take this issue seriously.

Russia Today is a virulently anti-American propaganda channel, every bit as dangerous as Pravda or the Tass News Agency were during the Cold War.

Russia Today and its American shills, are effectively agents of a hostile power and should be treated as such.


  1. wow thanks for this. really opened my eyes. i had signed up for his dance party and friended him on facebook. it makes me sick that he actually admitted to being a paid agent for the putin government. how disgusting is it that every time you try to make a move for freedom, you end up supporting some stinking psyop. like 1984 said the future is a boot smashing into your face for infinity. disgusting.

  2. Adam rocks! All one has to do is listen to what he is saying and you’ll realize who’s the Anti-Americans are here. Sad to say RT is one of the few places Americans can get real news unscripted by NSA or the pentagon. Americans are smarter than you think boys… We don’t like what your doing to this country or to our government. Starting multiple wars and killing people world wide is not American. There is a huge chasm between the American people and the American government. They no longer represent us, they represent the banksters, the military-industrialist and the globalist. The clock is ticking and everyone is waking up to whats really going on here. No more false flags like the WTC, we are on to your global jihad and fake war on terror. We dont want any part of your imperialist scam to dominate the world. Times up chumps, your out of time.

    • Catryna, there are many ways to be used by the enemy. Do you not think that Putin’s Russia is not on the side of the defeat of sovereign and free America? Do you see their central bank alliance with the People’s Republic of China and their energy influence with the European Union?

      Publishing with RT may have been something some thought they should do, but we know too much, to continue now. Beware of those who push either the use of American military as tools of the NWO, or who push for the dismantling of it.

      • I dont understand the double entendre arlen. From everything I can see the only one out of control is the U.S. and they are scaring everyone. It can no longer tell the difference between friend or enemy.. its all the same. Someone needs to put their foot down and stop the child from running a muck. Too many people are getting hurt and it needs to end.

        • I invite you to read more articles here, Catryna — especially those by Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid. The global Marxist movement is stronger then ever and they have been working on America and Americans for decades.

          • Kincaid came across as a thug pushing the lies of the mainstream media. The enemies of mankind are not countries. They are the elite who send mercenaries and militaries around to steal, control and, yes, murder whole societies based on lies. Kokesh is being paid to do a show on RT. RT has stepped up as has PressTV out of Iran to give a platform for the truth. You seem pretty wise in your fields of study, Arlen. Perhaps you need to step back and look at the big picture. Our nation has been taken over completely by the global banking cabal who uses Israeli agents to maintain a grip on our government. There are factions jockeying for supremacy but as long as they both tithe to the cult at the top and maintain the ‘terrorist’ illusion, they are free to squabble among themselves in the public eye.

          • How’s that idea that American government (and Europe’s) is in bed with big bad people in Israel working out for you now?

  3. Adam Kokesh is an Anarcho-Capitalist. Not a statist. Communist Marxists believe in the existence of a state. One can clearly see that Kokesh is laughing at Fox 5’s attempt to label him as “anti-american” and devalue his logical anarchist ideology and philosophy. When has corporate media ever portrayed Anarchism as anything but chaos,terrorism, or treasonous? Please attempt to educate and inform yourselves more before spewing out a bullshit nationalistic fueled conspiracy.

    • Sam, I believe Mr. Kincaid is contending here that Mr. Kokesh may not quite be what he purports to be. The use of self-described anarchists by Marxist manipulators is older than Marxism itself, so to speak (going back at least as far as Jacobinism in the French Revolution). Remember all the raucous, black-clad protesters against war in Iraq, in 2003, and the was it a G8 summit in Seattle, around that time? Many of their black jackets had red linings….

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