Progressive Republican Traitors Have Spoken

By: AJ

When Paul Ryan’s budget bill failed to pass in the Senate and there were reports that five Republican Senators joined the Democrats and voted against it, it only took a few seconds to guess three of the five.

All I had to do was think of the Progressive (Socialist) Democrats who are posing as Republicans.

The two Maine(iac) Progressive Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, were at the top of my guess list and next was the Progressive Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown.

As outlined in “MAINE MANIACS – Olympia Snowe (R) & Susan Collins (R).” here are just a few of the fascist and unconstitutional bills they’ve voted for, which is why they were at the top of my guess list:

  • New START Treaty
  • Food Takeover
  • Bank Takeover
  • $814 Billion Stimulus Bill
  • Cash for Clunkers
  • NEA Funding
  • DADT Repeal
  • Cap and Trade as part of a 2008 Senate Amendment
  • $15 Billion Stimulus Slush Fund
  • Forced Volunteerism and Child Recruitment
  • Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation
  • Elena Kagan Confirmation

Here are a couple of bills that Senator Collins voted against:

  • Prohibiting Earmarks
  • Requiring Completion of Border Fencing

Then Scott Brown’s voting record, as discussed in “SCOTT BROWN (R-MA) IS A TRAITOR”:

Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski was the fourth Republican to vote against fiscal sanity for our country. The fifth Republican Senator who voted against it – Rand Paul – really surprised me. After a little research, I learned that he voted against it because he submitted a budget bill of his own that would yield even deeper cuts to the out-of-control spending in Washington. So Rand Paul’s vote was completely understandable, but if it had been a deciding vote, he would be toast in my book.

The Progressives (Socialist Democrats) framed the debate over Paul Ryan’s budget bill as “killing Granny” by using the old “Medi-scare” propaganda.

Through Obamacare, the Socialist Democrats, including Obama and his administration, are cutting half a Trillion dollars out of Medicare. They’re robbing Medicare to cover the cost of the massive bureaucracy and data-collection effort (to invade our privacy) required by Obamacare. Also, they need money to cover the cost of a 15-person panel of un-elected bureaucrats who will decide if Granny and Gramps can have the treatment they need.

Could this be the “death panels” Sarah Palin talked about? You Betcha!

Good luck Granny and Gramps… Your chance of getting what you need through Obama’s 15-person panel is slim to null and anyone paying attention to the facts knows this is true.

Claiming the Republicans are doing what the Socialist Democrats are actually doing is the typical propaganda strategy we’ve been seeing for many years. Why have the Socialist Democrats stuck with it? Because, unfortunately, it works.

It’s heartbreaking that many Americans are so uninformed that they actually believe the left-stream media and the lying Socialist Democrats.

As long as Obamacare remains the law of the land, Americans will suffer from its regulatory governance. Once it’s fully implemented, Americans will finally understand how dangerous it truly is.

Back to the rest of the Republican budget bill… the choice was clear. Do we allow Obama and the Socialist Democrats to continue to spend us into oblivion, collapse our economy, usher in a global currency, a Socialist re-distributive system of “global governance” under a totalitarian communistic regime, and cede America’s sovereignty to the New World Order – which Obama, George Soros and the United Nations (UN) openly talk about?

Or do we support the Republican plan to cut the out-of-control government spending in order to right the ship and steer us toward reviving our collapsing economy and our free market system?

Senators in the Socialist Democrat-controlled Senate voted to stand on the side of Obama and elected officials who want to collapse our economy, destroy our way of life and institute tyranny. (If you thought being molested by the TSA was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!)

Now that we’ve heard from the traitorous Senators we elected, let’s hear from you. Where do you stand?

The choice is clear. Do you stand with the Socialist Democrats who intend to change life as we know it by transforming it into the oppressive and failed systems other countries have tried? For people who don’t think it’ll be worse, consider this question… What do you think Obama means when he says everyone has to participate in “shared sacrifice”? Do you honestly think he means everyone but you?

47% of Americans who don’t pay any taxes and those who receive government assistance should be extremely concerned if the Socialist Democrats are successful. What they’re doing guarantees that you will have to participate in the “shared sacrifice” (you will have to work and pay taxes to feed the government beast), and your checks and debit cards will stop flowing. No doubt about it.

However, if you stand on the side of cutting the massive, unsustainable Washington spending, you stand with America and all that has made her the greatest, most prosperous and giving nation on the planet.

Where do you stand?

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