Why the Left has Re-newed Calls for Scottish Independence

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Recently the Scottish left has been re-newing calls for Scottish independence – effectively the destruction of the centuries old United Kingdom.

Why? Surely the left is all about amalgamations and internationalism?

Not always. It depends on the existing reality. Tactics are determined by reality. Whatever is determined to be in the best long term interests of socialism, will become the new reality.

A big part of Leninism is what is termed the “National Question” – the use of national minority racial, ethnic or religious groups to split existing nation states, in order to weaken or destroy that state.

Divide and conquer.

Scottish nationalism is being used by the left to weaken and destroy the United Kingdom, with the long term aim of weakening the U.S. and what is left of the Western Alliance.

This excerpt from a recent article by Alan McCombes of the Trotskyite leaning Scottish Socialist Party explains the strategy well.

A further reason why the left should back independence is that the break-up of the United Kingdom would weaken capitalism and imperialism internationally. In Scotland, support for the union has always gone hand in hand with support for imperialism. Even today, the official title of the Tory Party in Scotland is the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

The old British Empire has long gone but Britain continues to play a key role on the world stage as the staunchest ally of the US in its drive to conquer the resources of the planet for multinational capitalism.

The departure of Scotland from the United Kingdom would mean more than just the loss of a big chunk of territory. Scotland is a vital cog in the western military machine, with vital nuclear submarine and air bases. More than 80 per cent of all European Union oil reserves are in Scottish waters, while Edinburgh is the fourth finance centre in Europe.

The tearing of the blue out of the Union Jack and the dismantling of the 300-year-old British state would also be a traumatic psychological blow for the forces of capitalism and conservatism in Britain, Europe and the USA. It would be almost as potent in its symbolism as the unravelling of the Soviet Union at the start of the 1990s.

It is no accident that big business and the conservative right in Scotland are fanatically pro-union. The break-up of the United Kingdom might not mean instant socialism, but it would mean a decisive shift in the balance of ideological and class forces.

This is no “pie in the sky” dream.

Pressure for independence is strong in Scotlland and growing daily – all fueled by the far left.

The Cameron led Conservative governent in London needs to address this issue seriously, before it is too late.

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