Beck: 4 Keys to Immigration Reform

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Glenn Beck



    The Tea Party in America has affirmed that the illegal alien population will begin to shrink instead of growing, if we support candidates that will reflect the will of the vast majority of American citizens. The revolt within the Republican Party is the TEA PARTY who is resentful of both political parties having agendas to support their individual empowerment. for millions of extra votes for Democrats and for the GOP exploitable cheap labor. Neither is the belief of the TEA PARTY that wants stronger enforcement at the North and Southern border, which includes a National Guard presence, with the ability for the interdiction of drug smuggling, weapons dealers and illegal immigrants, with force if necessary? Furthermore, the mandated use of the new version of E-Verify, that carries tough penalties for businesses that hire workers, without legal status. In addition, the Permanent operation of “Secure Communities” in local police locations, to fingerprint and check their criminal charges through ICE data bases.

    Those Lawmakers, Governors, Mayors and municipal officials who catered to the illegal immigration, open border nuts, special interests and radical ethnocentric groups as La Raza, will be voted out of office by the TEA PARTY. These elected officials will take full responsibility for not repressing illegal immigration into their States, by not enacting policing laws or other enforcement. California, Nevada is examples of Sanctuary States and is visibly suffering from Loss of revenue by economic illegal aliens that have settled there. UTAH, INDIANA, are named as poorly regulated immigration laws and are likely once identified, will have hundreds of thousands of “economic illegal” aliens pouring into those States.

    The Tea Party will not tolerate any further Amnesties as after the Great 1986 Amnesty laws were ignored by both parties. The late Ted Kennedy accorded to The People that there would never be another amnesty, that this was a “One Time” assurance. Or is US government lying to us again? . The 2006 Secure (Double) Fence Act was intentionally unfunded just months after being enacted. The Tea Party apposes Sanctuary Cities, Chain Migration and the court mishandled instant citizen for babies intentionally conceived to gain entrance for illegal parents into America. The Dream Act, which in turn will add to the Chain Migration and Immigration Reform, a misleading name for Amnesty. All these lenient rewards, just encourages further exploitation and a unfettered magnet to financial benefits and public services once crossing the border or overstaying expired visas.

    The American people have woken up and each day are finding that the Tea Party (perhaps third party) are more like their middle class interpretation that they are striving for? The Tea Party stands somewhere between Democrats and Republicans in definition, as moderate Conservatism have received amazing results in such a short time. So Join the TEA PARTY as the revolution has just begun, to fade out the radical people who run this country. Skilled immigrants with high profession job expertise will receive the hospitality of all Americans, including the Tea party members. But we must stop the unfettered incursion of people, who will need welfare assistance and will displace impoverished Americans who still have manual jobs. The TEA PARTY is the American peoples expeditious route to break away from RINO,S and Liberal-Marxist Extremist and Democrats.

    With no excuses to their alternate parties, member politicians are moving to the TEA PARTY, as a means to prove their loyalty to all Americans. Something that must be stipulated is that individuals, illegal aliens and small groups of radical activists have infiltrated the TEA PARTY and displaying dangerous activities, within the ranks of average, citizens and residents. They are causing violent disturbances making it seem that TEA PARTY’ERS are foul-mouthed louts, as found in the Trade Union. Organizations. Arizona has became a “Litmus Test” against unconstitutional practices by Obama Czarists against this border State over the epicenter of the economic illegal alien invasion, depleting welfare and public services. They now request the American people’s help, in building the original fence by donating money, as the US Legislators have failed miserably. Go to the Arizona Governor Brewer website, by surfing it on Google. Taxpayer must take their Politicians to task whether federal or State, by calling their offices as soon as possible at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121 or locate these lawmakers in your phone directory blue pages. NumbersUSA for more details regarding this incendiary issue.

    Potential Presidential contender Donald Trump today in his conference is saying what other political mouthpieces are induced not to say that China and Mexico are destroying America. This nation must become a major manufacture of products again. Thousands of US companies have moved abroad, as our government has offered incentives to do so? Trump says put a 25% percent tariff’s on goods imported into this country, on trade from cheap labor countries, or we are going the way of the dinosaur and rapidly. China, South Korea, India, Mexico are taking unfair advantage, that why we owe 40 cents of every dollar to foreign countries and their investors.

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    is starting to bug me a lot he reminds me of my x wife it kinda goes like this i still love her i just don’t like her anymore. Beck is fitting into that same mind set.

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