Peru About to Fall to Socialism? Brazil Pushes Hard

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Because Brazil isn’t as openly hostile to US interests as Cuba and Venezuela, many US policy makers see the country as a neutral or even a positive influence in Latin America.

President Barack Obama in particular has been very friendly towards the Brazilians.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff Meet President Barack Obama, September 2009

Unfortunately, this approach is completely misguided.

Since the late 80s, Brazil’s neo communist Workers Party, led by former union leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and now former terrorist Dilma Rousseff, have been working with Cuba and the Sao Paolo Forum to socialize the entire continent.

Now Peru, one of the few remaining non socialist countries in the region, is in the cross hairs. The Workers Party has sent key people to Lima to help socialist presidential candidate Ollanta Humala.

Hugo Chavez, Ollanta Humala

From the Wall Street Journal:

If national socialist Ollanta Humala defeats center-right populist Keiko Fujimori in Peru’s presidential runoff election on June 5, Brazil’s Workers’ Party will deserve much of the credit. The implications for the region are alarming…

The PT—as the Workers’ Party is known in Brazil because of its Portuguese initials—has spent more than two decades cultivating, organizing and orchestrating diverse sectors of Latin America’s extreme left. It is the founder of the São Paulo Forum, a conglomeration of nationalists, socialists and communists from around the region who, having watched the Berlin Wall come down, have banded together to work toward the revival of their totalitarian ideals.

Over the years fellow travelers have included Cuba, the Colombian terrorist group FARC and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. Now key party members are toiling behind the scenes in Peru to make Mr. Humala that country’s next president.

Humala, under Brazilian advice, has moderated his radical image, but not his substance.

His party’s 198-page nationalist platform (dated December 2010) calls economic liberalism “predatory” and proposes to nationalize strategic “activities.” It says that “the exploitation [of natural resources], taken advantage of generally by a foreign economic minority, cannot continue.” It also pledges to “revise” free trade agreements that “oppose the exercise of our sovereign will.” In short, Mr. Humala dislikes the policies that have served Peru well in recent years.

Those views, along with Mr. Humala’s links to Hugo Chávez, meant that the candidate needed an image makeover if he hoped to get elected. Enter the PT. Acting on its advice, he now claims Brazilian PT president Lula da Silva as his role model.

Humala’s “minder” is Workers Party hard leftist Valter Pomar.

Mr. da Silva was not the one “designated” by the PT to advise Mr. Humala. That job, Mr. Chavez explained, belongs to Valter Pomar, a director of the São Paulo Forum and a man known as “hard left” inside the PT.

Mr. Pomar “was key in installing the ‘Brazilian command’ in the campaign, and offering important recommendations to purify the image of the comandante.” Mr. Humala now wears a tie, talks of “love” for Peru, and is photographed holding rosary beads.

Peru’s fall, if it occurs, will be one of the final dominoes in the Marxist conquest of the entire South American continent.

So what does Mr. Pomar have in mind for Peru? Mr. Chavez cites a March 2010 interview with the “left-wing website Alerta Perú” in which the Brazilian laments that Venezuela has not had a real revolution. “Our countries continue suffering external interference and the resistance of local elites which are very powerful.” He continued: “In many countries we have not yet achieved victory: this is the case in Colombia, Mexico and of course Peru. If in those three countries, that are so important, there are no leftist, progressive or nationalist governments, there will not be a complete change.”

The effects of this plan will not be limited to Latin America. The US and Canada could soon be faced with a hostile continent to their South, a hostile China across the Pacific and a hostile Russia and a neutralized Europe across the Atlantic.

Every Latin American domino brings that scenario one step closer.


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