One Act Does Not Win a War; Look at the Entire Policy

Reported in Artuz Sheva Israel National News:

Obama’s Middle East Mess

'Obama's policy: seeking to appease enemies while pressuring friends'

Perhaps the assertiveness that led to killing Bin Laden will spill over and help clean up the mess Obama has caused to US Middle East interests.

President Obama has rightfully been praised for his success in ‘getting’ Osama Bin- Laden. The arch- terrorist who was responsible for three- thousand American civilian deaths was not given any honor or respect, was finished off summarily and his his remains deposed of in the sea.

But this Obama success, however commendable, cannot compensate for the deterioration in America’s Middle East position which has taken place during the first nearly two and one half years since Obama entered the White House. During that time Iranian influence has consistently grown while America’s has diminished.


No nation can be blessed when it curses Israel.

Why would the president of the United States try to destroy the only Democratic, free, pro-America nation in the entire Middle East?



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