Investigators of Globalist Conspiracy, Meet your Mentor, Mr. Norman Dodd

Who would take on the mega-money of the foundations and trusts of the Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, the Guggenheims, et. al.?  Someone interested for good reason in authentic America, might.

As for intent investigators willing to take on the powerful, before the fictitious Fox Mulder, there was the true Norman Dodd.  You will do well to listen to him, from the beginning of this video to his final two sentences.  He is interviewed here, by G. Edward Griffin in 1982.  (For some reason, a promotion of George W. Bush is tacked onto its final minutes.  Whatever is your opinion of W., one trusts it will not distract you from Mr. Dodd.)

Video posted 6/11/2008, “Norman Dodd on Tax Exempt Foundations.”

You will not find a breakdown of this video here, but there will be more about Mr. Dodd and his doings in future articles.  The veracity in this seems readily apparent.  Also, the sincerity of the aged investigator. More verification is in order, but this man was front and center to recorded, albeit often well scrubbed history.  The attempts at erasing the trails of evidence with which he worked are themselves, corroborative. But Mr. Dodd’s essential opus yet remains; you may wish to read it with us: “The Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations,” from 1954.

Paradox and Questions

It would make sense that some of the American tycoons of the turn of the last century were easy marks, led into temptation to seek world empire by the perverse allures of acquisition and control.  It makes for quite an odd “sense” that they would choose what seems such an extremely perverse alliance, with Communists, to do it.  And it is astounding, but then confirming to see so many of today’s tycoons following this same path.

The long range planning involved is something else to ponder.  It takes ideological, even sacrificial devotion, to strive for goals that will not occur in one’s one lifetime.  Just how planned out has this been, by these meticulous manipulators and controllers?  Just what core beliefs and motivations did they share?  How closely did they conspire?  What would cause these hoarders of wealth and power to share so much?

Dodd emphasizes that beyond the tycoons, it has been the trustees of their foundations who have sometimes twisted, or taken their original intents to extremes.  These extremes have not diverged, but converged, to support global empire through collectivism.  To which foundations did he refer, when he said this?  The truth is out there, about so many.

Easy money attracts, but just how was it, religiously zealous, global Marxists (or those who would exploit them) have so successfully become the ones to seize upon these capitalists’ mega-foundations?  It would seem a virtual guild of skills would be required to teach this, yet it began to occur well before the likes of the KGB.  Before the Russian Revolution, this was America!

I for one have heard that Henry Ford also harbored some odd, collectivist politics; that calls for further research — also, Andrew Carnegie’s personal history, worldview, and belief.  The same with J.P. Morgan.  And it seems clear the Rockefellers have been ideologically corrupt, as a family.  Did that start with the old man, John D. himself?  Before that?

Perhaps Russian subversion was involved by the time, as Norman Dodd describes, this conspiracy reached the 1930’s, but that would hardly seem necessary.  Distasteful as it is, the more one learns about the American seedbed of “progressivism” and what that actually entails, the more one finds, the answers rest in our nation’s own history. Before that, a significant strand of this malignancy reaches back in space and time to the Germany of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries — and long before that, apparently the Tower of Babel, then to Eden and the snake.

So now, did you listen to Norman Dodd?  Or, let me know if you need a transcript.

Quiz: what were those last two sentences of his?

updated from an entry in Gulag Bound, of July 27th
h/t: Tallulah


  1. Why I think we are seeing Marxism evolve on the Left , because of the Fear of Overpopulation in the World ???

    The Links and my opinions get a bit strung out from my rambling and un-editing I tend to do , so sorry about that . Remember when Bush gave out the first tax rebate in 2007 and said it would end up in China anyway and probably would help the US economy that Much ??? This was a signal that everyone should have seen as a failed Trade Policy . Here is more proof that our Trade Policy is not working , why , because we allowed it too not work for the American people , we were told a lie about cheap products and now they want us to believe it was because capitalism failed . Reagan had tariff Trade in his Free Trade agreements so he could Counter the effects of a Currency manipulator and sustain the dollars solvency , a reflection of durable product production to a average domestic production rate of GDP in the USA . This is part of the Oath of Office taken by elected Officials , we need to elect people who believe in the Constitution of the USA not a Worry over Overpopulation theory , this is a secondary management debate After the Constitution is upheld . The people that write Trade Policy are not this stupid , their plan is to create Wealth Consolidation , NWO style .

    And this link to the NSSM200 study which warned that if global population was not controlled by the year 2000 we would face a cataclysm of epic struggles , so I think we saw the collapse of the Global Economy as a way to try and install the changes these elites saw as the way forward , treating us like sheep in the process ; , I think is the catalyst to all the Restrictive New Regulation going on today that will in the end restrict population growth by way of financially limiting our access to abundance the driver of Quality of life . Everything in the NSSM200 study is related in these links here and are made up of the same people that advise our President today ; – the first page in this link shows the change to the Government Platform in a chart format .

    Tell Me I am wrong about Everything we see in New Government Reforms today is Not tied to this Topic here in these Links ?????

    Tell me this is Not Why they Don’t Read the Bills ??

    Tell Me they are not passing laws that all of A sudden will tell us How Much Air we can Consume , let alone How much we Expel that will Limit our Freedom of Speech , As they try to backdoor us with Communist Marxists Laws that takeover of our Liberty ??

    These links are the main active platforms of the various organizations that are made up of Globalist that are writing policies and advising the Obama Administration I think . This site links to others that describe plans ;
    Thanks again and Keep on fighting for the truth because Nothing makes any sense as to what has happened or what is still happening other than the obvious policies that are consolidating our rights and our Free Enterprisers rights to access methods of prosperity created from durable wealth creation vital to creating and sustaining quality of life .

    • thatsitivehadenough says

      “Tell Me they are not passing laws that all of A sudden will tell us How Much Air we can Consume”

      There was actually an Italian film made in the early 1980’s about exactly this, but I can’t seem to find out about it anywhere. Don’t remember the name, but the guy dies in the end, right on the steps of the local government building where he was going to finally pay his bill for O2.

      In Italy, today, it is illegal to turn on your heat outside of the months of Nov (or Oct)-April. That’s i-l-l-e-g-a-l.

  2. We the People need a leader ……..

    Goldman reveals where bailout cash went , ” Belly Up to the Bar ”
    DZ AG Deutsche Zantrake Genossenschaftz Bank, a German cooperative banking group, received $1.2 billion, more than a quarter of the money Goldman paid out.

    AIG received the bailout of $85 billion at the discretion of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which was led at the time by Timothy Geithner. He now is U.S. treasury secretary.

    Federal Judge Rips Pres. Obama’s Lawsuit Against Arizona Its time to Secure the Border with Mexico , Hezbollah Major Threat on Mexican Border

    Rep. Myrick: Hezbollah Major Threat on Mexican Border

  3. In the debate over economic capitalism and the sustainability of the system , have you ever heard of ” Gresham’s law of the 14th Century ” , , this is how they sucked the durable wealth creation away from the USA for a reason , Control over your freedom of self reliance , and the mechanism was changing Reagan’s Trade Policy to the 1994-5 WTO FREE Trade agreement , and Ross Perot said we would hear a Giant Sucking Sound from it First to Mexico but then to Asia

    The Illegal Immigration all stems from a Failed Free Trade Policy . We the People need to demand our Politicians reform Trade with Immigration Reform and look seriously at why People leave a area , because thats what happened in Mexico with the WTO Free Trade Agreement 16 years ago , and its because our Government has been catering to Big Business special Interests and in the process of Not holding Trade partner to rules relating to Currency Exchange rate values floating and the balance of currencies sustain labor pools in fair wage rotation , like Reagan had Trade Policy in the 1980s , we now see what happens when a Country Like China is allowed to manipulate their currency , keeping it the lowest in the world and as Ross Perot said we would hear a giant sucking sound because of this , , and over the 16 years of this failure of a Trade Policy while manufacturing of durable wealth creation from product product being transferred over to China and India should have showed up in their currency values free floating up to the point of stabilizing the out sourcing of Mexico as well as all western nations Jobs , we now see why people that loose their way of life , like Mexico had happen are forced with trying to find a new place to make a Living and so they came to the USA . This took Place because Big Business special Interests Lobbied Congress to not put the pressure on China to float their currency because they were able to secure their profit margins , and for china it now has become the biggest holder of USA debt , threatening the Sovereignty of the nation for the first time in History and this is a Cause by a failed Trade Policy thats was warned would happen over and over , but the Government ignored it because they were in bed with the Big Business special Interests and this has Treason written all over it . This has led to a Consolidation of wealth in all market sectors , and inequality at the highest levels , threatening security all over the world .

    Heres an example of the way Resource consolidation has resulted in the Mining sector , , this has happened all over the retail sector over the years of Mergers of Business driving out the Mom and Pop sectors which were the back bone of a community the bread basket of a down town , the best form of wealth redistribution .
    The balance between Economics and Social and Environmental welfare are whats most important and the studies below show that Political / Central banking and Corporate Business advantage in relocating labor costs has not ended in favorable balance among world societies and the Free Trade agreement of the past 20 years has evolved into a unbalanced economic tribulation thats causing struggle of societies

    The High cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses
    By Robert E. Scott,
    February 1, 2000 &

    But if the Crashed Economy by having the M1 guarantee investors pull out of the private sector Finance Positions so that a crash would ensue its because of the Marxists worry over this ; – This is a 8 part video that a well Known professor describes the issue of finite theory in earths carrying capacity that Liberals policies resemble so well . – population control by the elite – Bill gates wants population control – UN Agenda 21 , the mechanism for population control – Australian resistance to Agenda 21

    Abortion in Pennsylvania — and in New Mexico, Too
    and more taxpayer funding for abortion here

  4. I hope you will find a way to do in your professional voice like you just now have done with me in that same manner , like how you said we in the USA are all ready a Good Model for the rest of the world , but when you go to page 2 of this PDF , Paul R. Ehrlich says that we in the USA have to be forced into the idea of population control for them to then be able to be a good model for the rest of the world “. Paul R. Ehrlich the Co Author of Eugenics with Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren , in this PDF called How to Control the American Population Bomb ;*2YAwbJKNA0ynjqNMPkAWc364um0hFryXrnCiwz7Aj0us0lz6nMDxpOErKkoOFI1yQyJxaBvmUtOCg37l0c/14211548HowtoControltheAMERICANPopulationbyPaulEhrlichThePopulationBombBrentJessop.pdf , this read has been updated in the last 2 years by a promoter to these guys ideologies , but Paul is all over the place with recent articles on population control ; , , Population growth should be curbed: conservationist Goodall
    Senate to Consider The Latest Job Killer , HR 4213 , the Marxists Environmentalist Progress Liberal believes that idle Bodies are better on the earths limited resource supply than an active fully employed one .

    This is whats bringing out the Marxists , they think we are at the end of the worlds resource capacity to provide for the worlds unbridled population growth , and are assembling a coalition to stop it by control resource usage , thats what Cap and Trade and Health Care are all about , but Free thinking Individuals have always been the salvation of a dark time in history like this and this should be the debate , not a forced takeover of individual rights to access resources . See this website , its taking about the way the food shortage is fast approaching ,

    Pay attention to where the Area in Yellow is in this map of the USA thats designated for Forest production ,

    Its the same area , see here this map shows the Ogallala Aquifer thats running out of water and is the same area Obama is wanting to plant to forests , , you can see what they are designing ….Stalin cause was famine because of the fear and paranoia of over population becoming unmanageable , but history only shows that Free Thinking Individuals have been the innovative salvation to creative solutions for long term human needs in abundant forms , the only way for peace ….. and and

    Take a look at these 2 websites , it shows that the argument for Supply-Side Tax Cutting Economic Fundamentals for a Robust Economic Recovery is what can be sustained , certainly if we choose the kinds of Alternative industries to innovate and develop .

    President Obama’s Advisory Czars are Leading policies that want Government controlled Resource Usage for the idea of Sustainable eco and population foot print reasons that do not make sense as to why Government should be in control over how a economy expands and creates wealth for societies in the world . Capitalism is Showing a Great effect on Sustainable World and Population Development , so Capitalism and Tax Cuts should be a part of the Road to Economic Recovery .

    What these sites tell us is that Higher education and Lower tax rates drive innovation and will provide the needs of a growing society !!!!!!!!!

    We Need to Extend the Bush Tax Cuts !!!!!!!!!
    Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse.Today’s corporate profits reflect an income shift into 2010. These profits will tumble next year, preceded most likely by the stock market.

  5. We the People need to demand these Tax cuts be extended , and a New tax schedule be designed , like this below , so that we might be able to start to develop new alternative industries and markets .
    Why are we not demanding this type of incentive be put in place to drive supply-side economic fundamentals to feed the demand thats coming like a bullet ?

    here is a product of to much Government …

    Six Reasons Why the Capital Gains Tax Should Be Abolished …

    The Flat Tax: How it Works and Why it is Good for America …
    Why are we Not Utilizing the tax concepts above So we can expand in areas like this ?

    The Pulp from this is high in Protein we should be expanding this resource in Mexico with a Immigration Policy .

    And develop things like this ; and ,

    But before we just give up on the idea of Free Innovate Incentives being the future of man kinds advancements , why not think about this ……We are printing all these stimulus funds for development but what that development is we have not one sustainable activity thats surfaced from this debate on how the world can still provide for a growing population , a debate worth having but the ones that want to do something about it seem to be reluctant to address it publicly in a forum that gives access to We the people , the engine of whats always saved man from its own peril in the past , so why not just start it and take the lead on this vital issue , come out string with Ideas that might be hopeful and constructive to life , like these ideas here ; – we could build the transport ship on the Moon with the minerals there that we could make the building materials from and lift-off would be simple in zero gravity .

    In the quest to manufacture space crafts on the Moon for travel to Mars , and construct rest stop stations that could be located along the pathway to Mars as like we have freeway hotels that connect Our states interstate highway with accommodations for travelers on earth we can do the same for travel to Mars . Here is the fuel source we can Innovate manufacturing on the Moon to accomplish the expedition . And how much of this fuel could be stored on Mars ??? Think of the possibilities ??? We must overcome the Environmentalist Marxists that want to stand in the way of this type of Innovation .
    Human kind has always been only able to sustain the tree of life by expanding its roots from exploring and developing vital resources , history shows this is what people find peace with if allowed a level of abundance , and if not then War is the inevitable , history shows this to be the truth .

    Helium 3 mining the moon 2024 Part 1 of 2

    As a Logical path of incentive driven innovations that can be a Trek into the future. Certainly we can spend resources on advancing our visions here on earth that can lead to positive advancements in these fields , like more space telescopes like the Hubble and advancing the science behind these areas .
    If the Government is worrying about over Population of the Earth , and have these Czars Looking into ways to Reduce Population , why don’t they take a Pro Active Life approach to the Problem and start a Real Serious Space program , like this …….

    This seems to be a more Proactive solution to the problem , making the case for True Progressive Innovation and Prosperity to come ” For All Living Things ” !!!

    I would rather Die trying to use my will to live that God bestowed in our souls and Imagination , than Die because someone said it was time to for lack of the will to believe in the hope of Gods will to be an ever lasting life !!!

    World population is a challenge , not a problem , and the intelligent will meet the demands of a growing population .
    We can plan for the future , create opportunities that can take the human race into space , like these suggestions here , we can make our needs and with these types of creations chart expeditions to find new worlds , thats what man has done for centuries , and with the Technologies today , the efforts can be successful ; , this Tucson facility is astronomical in the science of sustainable life elements in space . We could look into ways to build space crafts on the moon surface with the Mineral resources there on the moon for space travel to Mars and put the Bio Sphere into operation on the moon for a living and manufacturing base . Why Not make a Space Craft that could harvest Space Debris as it travels through the galaxy and convert it to useful resources ? The ideas are endless with this for our future generations . and why not stimulate our University with these ideas for the future of space travel ????

    And this Robert Branson Mission , , isn’t it and Inspiration filled with Hope , that we should appropriate funding for more than a Global Cap and Trade thats only going to cause unrest to the point of all out worldwide civil war ??

    Progress is an Inspiration of the Imagination , not the demise of a worry with no plan of favorable outcome for the benefit of all , we must ask is it to much to wonder that once a persons struggles are met with brilliance , do we become so complacent of our own paths that took us to great Quality of life , that we lose sight of the struggle that everyone is faced with , and that these journeys we all deserve a shot at Quality in life as the result , and to demise that chance with worry over a challenge does no one in humanity the justice of all that has been and will be ????
    In simpler words before we just lay down and die from over population growth , we should at least die trying to find more human needs in space and here on earth .
    Also the abilities to build additional food growing facilities is a real possibility too , like this , , and together with desalinated water treatment plants using ocean waters will allow us plenty of time to start on the journey of creating more space in space .
    The path towards Peace , we saw what was after WW2 and the expansion of Resources and supply of Human needs , which made up the Brettonwoods accords which at that time was implemented to rebuild lives and we need this again , , only for a New kind of Mission , don’t you think ?? The thoughts that promote lifes future as sustainable and mans ability to imagine the ways forward should be chosen as the effort we take .

  6. Arlen Williams says

    Note: this article was originally posted as a video with brief comments in the early morning of July 27, 2010. It has been expanded and may be re-posted with a different date.

  7. Dear @hungry4food

    Thank you for the wealth of comments and links. It will be a pleasure to read and check.
    I appreciate your commentary and gifts of information. –Tallu

  8. Quiz Answer:

    Change in major foundations: 100% behind meeting the cost of education such as it is presented through the schools and colleges in the U. S. on the subject of: Our history has proven our original ideas to be no longer practical, the future belongs to collectivistic concept. There is just no disagreement on this.

    Foundations generously support communist causes in the U.S. because to them communism represents a means of developing a monopoly, an organization of wide scale industry into an administrable unit. They will be the beneficiaries of it.

    Arlen, thank you for posting G. Edward Griffin’s interview with Norman Dodd. Norman may very well be my great or great-great uncle. When I discovered this interview a number of months ago, it helped fill in one of the puzzle pieces for me. It is amazing how, after several years of heavy duty research, so many of the pieces of this gigantic puzzle fit perfectly together. Those that refer to the overall conspiracy as “theory” just haven’t done enough homework (research) yet.


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  2. […] bit in substance, but I suggest watching them in order. I introduced the first one three years ago, here. I also recommend you see the third video as is, despite a suggestion in the presenter’s […]

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