Update: Online or Teleconference Tonight ~ National Day of Prayer

…for Salvation from Gulag America

Update — For those unable to attend a prayer meeting there are these opportunities:

National Day of Prayer Conference Call

till 10pm ET: 712-432-0232 Enter Passcode- 633525#

24 Hour Webcast – National Day Of Prayer

05/05/2011 12:01AM – 05/06/2011 12:01AM

24 Hour National Day of Prayer Webcast is an online event streaming churches and christian ministries around the US. This event is designed for those who are unable to physically attend and event, shut-ins, missionaries abroad, etc. You will be able to participate in events online. If you are a church or a Christian Ministry and would like your event streamed live on the internet FREE of cost, please contact us.

This is an online event visit www.missionariesofprayer.org

G u l a g    B o u n d

This past day, as putative president Obama “spikes the football” and so somberly dances the touchdown dance at Ground Zero, New York, we have been presented the opportunity to pray together, for salvation from the onslaught of global Marxofascism he represents.

Today is the National Day of Prayer.

Chances are, a special prayer meeting may be found this evening, at a nearby church.  At least such services should be easily discovered.  This page at the official site of the National Day of Prayer Task Force should help.  It also presents the opportunity to come together online to seek American repentance.

It is fitting that today is also Karl Marx’ birthday.  He is the one who wrote the manifesto for the dominant wing of the global movement which now threatens to finish the job of destroying America from within, in this Soft War, after failing to do so from without, in the Cold War.

Which side will win this war — the side seeking repentance from America’s abandoning of God’s principles in favor of self-centeredness and  Ba’al worship, or the side which would continue to ignore or counterfeit the principles upon which our imperfect but reverent founders formed this nation?

If the American side wins, we will win on our knees before God.  If America loses, it will find itself on buckled knees before “the spirit of this world,” also called “the spirit of anti-Christ.”

Let us remember last year, when a federal judge in Wisconsin tried to outlaw the National Day of Prayer and when Barack Obama attacked the effort’s leaders, Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins, in favor of dhimmitude by honoring the counterfeit religion of Islam.  Islam, one sees, is favored by collectivists around the world, as long as it may be used to remove  the influences of Jesus Christ, singularly Sovereign God in human form, who, individual by individual, would impute His pure and just, free moral agency upon a thereby redeemed mankind — self-governed on a human plane, as we so behave politically.

Numerous sites featured Franklin Graham’s warnings, last year.  Some featured a video interview, the embed of which is no longer available.  It does remain available at Newsmax’ article of May 3, 2010, “Franklin Graham: Obama ‘Giving Islam a Pass,’ Warns of Persecution.”  Below lies the video from that article.


Later, last year, the Obama White House celebrated the Ramadan feast of Iftar.

This is the Barack Obama who has more than once proclaimed that America is not a Christian nation and in an interview, oddly said America is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

This is the Barack Obama who issued no words during our most recent Resurrection Day.  However, he may be seen with jihadi intensity in his eyes, when, this last night of the Pagan holiday, Beltane and the Marxist holiday of uniting the world’s proletariat,  May 1, he spoke of the dispatching of Osama Bin Laden — as an enemy of Islam.

But as we who bear the name of the Lord pray, we may be encouraged to know we are the ones God sees in his own throne room, as He judges in the affairs of this special nation.  May we pray in His name and may it be coupled with activism in agreement with our prayers.


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