Gas Roots Activism – the Tea Party Strikes Again

DC Independent Examiner

The Left has stealthily worked for decades to destroy this country, and now we have the Agitator-in-Chief working feverishly to push us all off the cliff before 2012. Yet the Left has an almost hysterical fear of the Tea Party, because the Tea Party represents one great unknown that the best laid plans of Leftist rodents and cowards – even with billions of ill-gotten Soros money – cannot foretell: the resourcefulness and spirit of Real Americans.

And that great, innovative American spirit has done it again. Without billions, millions, thousands, hundreds or even tens of dollars; without strategy sessions, focus groups, coordination with media “Journolists” or anything else, patriotic Americans have launched another devastating offensive in what has come to be called the “Sticky Note Campaign.”

Sticky notes and flyers are being attached to gas pumps, at grocery stores and retail outlets all over the country, reminding people who we can thank for all this “change.”



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