Exposing Marxism in the Church

Cliff Kincaid

New Zeal


While Marxists have infiltrated every major religion in the world, from Buddhism to Judaism, from Islam to Western Christianity; American Christianity has been a priority target.

Now investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid and public group America’s Survival is fighting back with a great new website Exposing Marxism in the Church.

According to Cliff Kincaid, too many Christians have been duped into accepting a kind of “heaven of earth” through the pursuit of revolutionary Marxism. Communism’s death toll has been one hundred million dead. But don’t think this “Liberation Theology” is only something that occurs in other countries. It is happening here.

Now, according to Kincaid, we are faced with another threat – radical Islam, a religion of the sword.

Our battle plan does not require the burning of a Koran. Rather, it requires information and education. Our recent conference on Al-Jazeera and Global Jihad is only one part of what we have planned. The new phase of our campaign for America’s Survival is the web site www.religiousleftexposed.com

All reports are unique to the new site. You will not find them anywhere else, except at www.usasurvival.org.

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Says Kincaid, “the situation is the following: the Marxists have weakened us from within to such an extent that many of our own religious leaders, not to mention officials of government, do not recognize the threat posed by radical Islam.

We at America’s Survival, Inc. believe that we cannot win the war against radical Islam if the Christian Church is subjected to corruption and infiltration from within. That is why we are today announcing a new website, www.religiousleftexposed.com.”

This new source of alternative news and information is dedicated to exposing the influence of Marxism in religious institutions, especially the Roman Catholic Church.

This new site has a number of blockbuster reports, including:

  • Bitter Harvest: How Marxist Progressives Have Infiltrated the American Catholic Church.
  • The Religious Face of the New World Order: From the Vatican to the White House and the United Religions Initiative.
  • How Marxism Has Infiltrated the Catholic Church.
  • Matthew, MARX, Luke, and John: An examination of how American Catholic Church leaders have compromised with atheistic Marxism.
  • Atheist George Soros funds Catholic Groups.
  • Climategate, the Green Dragon, and the End of Christianity.

America’s Survival, Inc. is a public policy group devoted to analyzing international movements and extremists. It is behind this new project for the purpose of enabling Christians in America and around the world to have the information they need to confront authorities in their religious denominations and clean out corruption from their midst.

Simply put, people must not be afraid to challenge their local pastors and priests. What’s more, we must prevent our contributions from subsidizing left-wing elements in the national bureaucracies of the Catholic and other churches.

Says Kincaid, “my wife and I have adopted the practice of making sure our contributions go only to the support of the local church and the poor. We do not send any funds to the hierarchy.

Please don’t accuse me of anti-Catholic bigotry. As a Catholic himself, I have grown tired of the infiltration of the church by Marxist elements and I believe that the institution has to be purged of these corrupt forces. This unfortunate state of affairs characterizes most elements of the Christian church today.

We have a number of excellent reports at this new site, but I would recommend, as a starter, William Mayer’s excellent analysis in PDF form, Bitter Harvest: How Marxist “Progressives” Have Infiltrated the American Catholic Church.

Will you join with me in this crusade to clean up the Christian churches, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, in America? If we don’t save our churches, I believe we won’t be able to save our country from the dangerous threats we face.

We must have moral leadership from religious leaders. They must tell the truth. They must reject immorality and false doctrines and false teachings.

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