Update: Look for Coordination – Allen West Heckled, Heckler Arrested

Gulag Update – One should watch for earmarks of a centrally managed disruption (Frances Fox Piven’s favorite word) campaign by the neo-Marxist prog coalition at “targeted” events by Americanists. See this article by Allen Erickson, of a thoroughly disrupted event in Florida: “Rep. Daniel Webster’s Orlando Townhall Meeting Appalling,” April 26th, 2011 8:24 pm ET

Also, one may recall the Madison Tea Party event on Saturday, April 16, documented in Gulag Bound and elsewhere. In both cases the tactic was to make as much noise as possible and to hurl invectives.

And is the Marxstream media bemoaning the lack of civility?

Hat Tip: Brian B.

By: Thesharktank1

VIDEO GOLD: Screeching Lib Is Cuffed and Frogmarched From Rep Allen West’s Town Hall Event …Update: Lib Is Former Air America Host

Allen West- “You’re Not Going to Intimidate Me”, Heckler Arrested at Townhall

Priceless… I would wager this will get the former Air America radio host Nicole Sandler more attention than she ever got in her progressive waste of air time show. And West’s response? Absolutely presidential. Rep. West will be our next president if America gets her way.

Hey Nicole, love the jewelry – matching bracelets… You certainly know how to make an exit. :)


  1. Great article! Many liberals are comparing the town hall disruptions as legitimate discourse similar to the discourse two years ago by conservatives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. First, the conservative reaction to the power grab by Obama was a true grass root uprising that was not pre-planned and circulated through Facebook and Twitter. With the left, follow the tweets and you find core agitators and party officials. Further, think about how many tea party protesters were led away in handcuffs? ZERO. I listened to former Air America host Nicole Sheldon continue to shout and disrupt until she was physically removed from the venue and arrested. There’s a large difference between spontaneous reaction and carefully orchestrated malfeasance.

    Congressman Allen West had the foresight to not allow political operatives to sabotage his town hall meeting. Over 300 questions were written by attendees and independent reviewers selected the actual questions to be asked. None were screened, and Congressional staff plans to follow-up with people who didn’t have their questioned answered.

    Political operatives from the left failed in their mission.

    Allen West is a true American patriot. Go West!

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