Glenn Beck Steals Content? Bloggers Inform Glenn Beck – Beck Doesn’t Attribute?

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Good grief! This is so discouraging, if true. Prominent bloggers are accusing Glenn Beck of plagarism – taking their content and often not crediting them with the story or specific parts of the story. He is accused of at least once, using a blogger-produced video and obscuring the name of the blogger placed prominently in view. Bloggers with credibility ALWAYS credit sources, just as journalists are expected to do. That’s why you see links inside an article, or a notation something like this “H/T” or Hat Tip, and then a link to the source. See a video below.

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

Daily Caller:

Beck’s reputation as an ungenerous user of other people’s work has occasionally surfaced in public. Conservative radio host Mark Levin recently took aim at Beck, whom he refers to as the “5-PMer,” this way: “You won’t find me putting my name on books that other people write. You’ll never find me doing that,” Levin said. “I would never, ever preach to you about principles and viewpoints that I am incapable of writing about. Never.”

So, there is an accusation that Beck doesn’t even write his own books.

Some of the bloggers named are Andrew Brietbart, Robert Spencer at JihadWatch, Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media (AIM) Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs, Liberty Chick, Verum Serum, Pajamas Media, Founding Bloggers, Rebel Pundit. Even a Liberal blogger is making the same claim.

These are among the most reputable bloggers on the Internet. I think many of us who blog often hear a story that we believe we broke in some way – a fact that was out there but had been undiscovered, or a particular, pithy phrase that we know we conjured – and then you hear it on radio or on television. My husband and I frequently comment that, so-and-so must be reading Maggie’s Notebook. In this case, intricate and labor-intensive charts have been used, full videos, and in the case of Robert Spencer, an entire show built on his investigative material on Islamic caliphates. Beck’s office allegedly contacted Spencer, spent a lot of time on the phone throughout one day – then aired and didn’t attribute Spencer’s assistance at all.

Many of us have lauded Beck’s talented research staff in the past. This will not be a good day for Glenn Beck. The following video is an interview with Alex Jones, and he makes the same accusation.

Alex Jones Accusing Glenn Beck of stealing content (video)


Gulag Notes: While we do not excuse Glenn Beck for his many failures to properly cite references (which hurts the cause of defending America against the massive warfare we are experiencing from Marxofascist globalists) we also do not excuse Alex Jones for his sprinkling of mischaracterizations.  To document all of the above could fill a large book.  (However, there really is a longstanding  “controlled oppposition” effort, among conservatives and the GOP and we suspect Glenn Beck would agree to that observation.)

Beck & bullhorn photo yanked from… somebody… somewhere…


  1. GB’s has talked about “study guides” on his website where you can do further reading and see his sources. I got looking last night and it seems like everything is up to snuff. If you want to check them out all I did was search Study Guide in the bar at the top and was practically inundated with info and sourcing. I kinda wonder if this is the sorta thing where you buy a car and suddenly see the same make and model everywhere, crossed with not paying full attention to every word. it’s easy to miss a name being attributed when your doing other things. Who knows.

    • Thanks for your work Ben. I don’t think anyone is denying that he makes some citations. This would be a good test. If you wish to check again, please see if there are any attributions to James Simpson, in any features of the Cloward-Piven strategy in reference to the workings of Barack Obama, George Soros, ACORN, the mortgage meltdown, the elections of 2008, and any related activities or legislative initiatives over the last three years. We would be interested in that.

      I just did an overall search at for “James Simpson,” also “James M. Simpson,” and “Jim Simpson,” and found nothing:

      I have my own little story of finding Gulag Bound (and Trevor Loudon) information cited with a link-back at Media Matters for America, but not by Glenn Beck, as he referred to it. I don’t consider that one particular matter something to alert the media about, though. It was the news that the Communist Party USA boasted a “working relationship” with Richard Trumka.

      The lack of reference to Mr. Simpson, however, is a big deal, IMHO.

      • I know on the cloward-piven strategy et al, he got a TON of that from Matthew Vadum and Trevor Loudon. Trevor has been cited over and over and GB – if I remember correctly – set him up with
        I just realized:
        Early on I started using an online map program like Muckety to map out all the connections in Trevor’s, Cliff’s and a few other blogger’s posts and sent these all in to Glenn. I know I cited TL, but I didn’t retain a list of all the places I got the info from.
        I think I may be the cause of a lot of this info not being cited properly where it can be cross-referenced to the maps I put together. All his researchers had to do was look up two names at a time where they were connected on the maps, and they would have seen multiple sources/videos, etc. I also sent in a bunch of cached DSA and CPUSA pages. I bet I even sent in some Cloward-Piven stuff.
        I didn’t really know blog etiquette at the time and now when I send people info I use links rather than the raw info because it makes it easier for everyone. Man. I kinda hope I AM the cause of this in an odd way if just to end the controversy.
        *I just noticed some of those maps are broken, but can still be viewed if downloaded as jpegs*

        • Crap – now the names don’t appear when viewed as jpegs! I have to go in there and fix things.

        • Thank you Ben.

          This describes where the Cloward-Piven information (which in large part was collated at was connected with Obama, ACORN, the George Soros complex, et. al.:

          The article James Simpson wrote, published on September 28, 2008 at American Thinker became the reference point for all. Simpson’s work is the definitive source (while another article in NewsMax a few days prior helped too).

          So, if you want to know where Loudon, Vadum, etc., and Beck got it, look there. The only person I know of who has not credited Mr. Simpson is Mr. Beck. Why? This is no insignificant matter, since it is at the core of Glenn Beck’s work since some time in 2009 and a primary reason for his super-notoriety (and millions of dollars of income and investment — suggest we pause to reflect upon that).

          This, about Simpson’s article is an irrefutable fact. One could amass the evidence in numerous ways.

          • Oh jeez. You’ll never guess where I heard about discover the networks (which was one of the sites I used in making those maps back then). There was a pretty long period there where he was referring to DTN on the radio, and there’s also this: You might ask D. Horowitz about that, I swear I remember them talking about the site on the show.

            btw – forgot to mention in that previous post that there are literally thousands of us out here researching. How many of us are still doing it the way I used to: without proper citation?

          • Thanks, but it should be clear from what I wrote, what I’m concerned about — not so much Discover the Networks, which I’ve heard Beck credit.

            If you are tracking this, Ben. Who is the person who definitively “connected the dots” about what is perhaps Glenn Beck’s most important (and profitable) theme over the last two years: Cloward-Piven strategy for overrunning government, involving George Soros, Barack Obama, ACORN, and participants in the mortgage meltdown? I will offer three clues:

            1. article in American Thinker, September 28, 2008
            2. numerous other articles on the subject, from before that date through the present
            3. his name has never been uttered, nor written publicly by Glenn Beck or his media enterprises (to my knowledge and which means it is not Matthew Vadum by any stretch)

  2. Just went and picked one at random to show what I was talking about. I remembered wrong, search bar is under the rotating flash story thingamajig –

  3. Glenn has never hidden the fact that he writes his books with collaborators. He fully credits them on the title page. I guess you’ve never bought one of his books or you would know that. He also has them share in the royalties. Mark Levin is good on the issues, but he is jealous of Beck’s success and has been for a long time. And pardon the name-calling, but Alex Jones is a nutjob, pure and simple. There’s a reason the DC didn’t include him in their hit piece; it would have lost any credibility it had. It’s possible that Beck might have overlooked some bloggers, but I don’t think it was intentional. The charge that he deliberately obscurred the watermark is not true. I looked at my DVR recording, and the top of the letters were barely visible in the lower left corner of the monitor of Beck’s studio. It was a technical problem. Also, the DC has an ax to grind with Beck: The Blaze did a critique of James O’Keefe’s NPR hidden camera sting which was posted on the DC website and found it unfair in spots. You can disagree with its findings, but it was a fair assessment. I, for one believe conservatives should stop the circular firing squad.

    • Thank you for your input, ClericalGal. I cannot on the other hand, attribute what I refer to above, as professional jealousy, since I’m the one making note of it and not the person to whom I refer. It is also worth noting that we are taking comments to this and the previous article, by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton (which largely defends Glenn Beck) but when I examined the article abou this matter by Scott Baker in The Blaze, comments to his article were not allowed. (I’m smiling as I write that, I think it’s humorous, no ill will.)

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