Harry Reid’s Excellent Chinese Adventure


By J. Scott Applewhite, AP

Nothing can stop the progressives! Not Easter… Not Passover… Certainly not American taxpayers.

As I write this, at least 17 of our intrepid comrades from the left and the right progressive sides of the political aisle are en route or have landed in Mother China. 10 make up the core group. Did I mention, they took their families as well? Here’s a list for you to noodle on:

This bunch of so-called leaders, won’t release the details of their trip due to security concerns. They are calling it an ‘informational’ trip. Whatever the hell that means. Hmmm… Security for who? Are you preparing cozy elitist retreats for yourselves (those of you who have been so helpful – reference: Secret of My Success) where you can flee to when the Schumer hits the fan? I wonder… Are you cutting a deal with China since they now basically own America?

There will be “site visits of American investments and clean energy projects,” and they are going to discuss “the global economy, security, trade, currency and foreign policy.”

Americans would really like to know. And now would be good, not when we are invaded in a realistic Red Dawn sort of scenario. Especially since you are doing it on our dime. A dime, I might add, that we don’t have.

From USAToday:

“The relationship between the United States and China is important for our two nations, but it is also important for the world,” Reid, D-Nev., said in a statement. “How the United States and China work together on commerce, currency and clean energy will help determine the future health of the global economy.”

The 10-member Senate delegation met with Wang Qishan, vice premier of China; Yang Jiechi, China’s foreign minister, and Zhou Xiaochuan, the president of the People’s Bank of China.

Is it far-fetched to think these asshats that rule over America now would serve us up on a platter to the Chinese in exchange for profit, security and power? We are the riffraff to them and expendable. Meat in a communist grinder that is for sale for the right price. Harry Reid’s excellent Chinese adventure should raise alarm bells – it does not bode well for the US.


  1. How can they be representing the People if the People aren’t even allowed to know what they’re doing?

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