Obama Continues Fight to End American Prosperity – while he golfs and vacations

When something consummately horrific happens to the United States of America, its people or a US ally, Obama celebrates by going golfing.  He, most certainly, must be on the links now.

When an unprecedented number of tornadoes hit six US States and killed at least 45 people, Obama went golfing.  When his misadventure (aka “war” without any Congressional approvals) against Libya was in full swing, Obama went golfing.  While the Japanese people were dying from a massive earthquake, tsunami and radiation Obama went on vacation to Brazil with his family and hangers-on.  Michele Obama took her daughters to Spain for another lavish trip and the Obama’s trip to India (although the Obama regime still refuses to disclose the actual figures) is said to have topped the scales at $200 millions/day.

All of this is being done while Obama & Co are summarily bankrupting the USA, in order to line their own and their friends’ pockets with American taxpayer money, and destroying Americans ability to earn a living…in other words bleeding us dry.

To rub salt into our already-festering wounds, Obama has instructed the Department of Homeland Security (that’s security for the ObamaElite only–not US citizens) to stop the US Border Patrol from monitoring any and all top-smuggler routes into the country.  Folks, Obama is killing us on every front and no one is stopping him.  Congress (including establishment RINOs) yawns, gives him what he wants and largely ignores what he’s doing, while the leftist courts rule unconstitutionally in one case after another.  And now Standard and Poors has announced that [due to Obama and country gutting our country and racking up unsustainable debt] the USA will likely be downgraded soon.  Shades of Greece?

In fact–and I challenge anyone to disprove me–Obama and his family have taken more profligate vacations and golfed more that any other resident of the White House in history.  Note:  Obama, his family and entourage continue to laugh at We-the-People louder and louder every day.  Can you hear them now?  Yet, most of the “media” and their pundits still scratch their heads like chimpanzees and wonder how and why this is happening.  If I hear one more “conservative” analyst ask “why would Obama do this?” I think I’ll scream.  He’s doing it because his mission was and is to destroy the United States of America!  Without the USA, the rest of the ‘free world’ will fall and the would-be totalitarian rulers of the planet can and will finally step in and take over…with Soros as their front man.  Why is that which is in front of our faces so difficult for them to comprehend?  Again, Occam’s Razor proves true:  “The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one”.

As with other decimators and tyrants, once we have been bled dry of all of our resources, We-the-People will be weakened and better able to be defeated.  Our enslavement will then be complete.  Those who would be our real leaders–apart from a thoroughly bribed-and-bought Congress–had best get on the move soon.  If we want to survive, we’re almost fully on our own now.  None of our branches of government can be counted to do the right thing; that of saving our country and its people from destruction and ruin from the criminal syndicate currently running the country off a cliff.  In actuality, both the Marxist-Leninist Democrats and Republicans appear to be part of the same cabal.  Prepare yourselves.  This ride is going to be bumpier and more savage than any of us had previously imagined.  The Left, itself, is a criminal enterprise and this minority is now running the country as it plans to run the world–with us serving it.

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