Gulag Night Postponed to… Monday

Please be patient. We would love to have more resources here in with the Bound.  As it stands, we have some competing responsibilities and want to make this next program worth your important time.

10pm Thursday Monday, 4/25

Details to follow, but amid them we will be revealing more from front-man/bag-man, George Soros, INET, the IMF & World Bank, and globalist central banking all around.

Also, see Trevor Loudon’s article published here, Sunday, on “BRICS.” (As in making BRICS without straw?).  [Upate: Also the new article about the hush-hush Senatorial junket to China.]

Think they’re all comparing Marxofascist NWO notes?  Naaaaaaa, silly conspiracy theory….

Mao may have written, “Political power comes from the barrel of the gun,” but one needs to buy guns and ammo — and food — with something.  Follow the money.

Political power comes from the Sovereign People, or from lords and lenders.

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