Theresa Cao Playing the Apprentice and More Free Speech Violations from the Obama Regime

Update:  I was contacted by Theresa Cao with reference to the recent meeting between Donald Trump, Arizona Rep. Carl Seel and a few others on 8 April 2011 in New York City.  At the end of the meeting, Mr. Trump gave the attendees a ‘homework assignment’ consisting of providing him with any viable additional information on Obama’s natural-born citizen status.  Apparently, Ms. Cao was the only one who anticipated Mr. Trump’s request and provided to Trump’s advisor and attorney Michael Cohen.


Sher: Theresa, what prompted you to head out, on your own, to New York City in order to deliver information to Mr. Trump?  I, also, understand that Mr. Trump gave the attendees a “homework assignment” and that you were the only one who actually brought the information. Would you briefly tell us what information you brought?

Theresa: I knew the critical info The Donald needed, and April 8, 2011, was the open door to get access to him. It’s so obvious that The Donald needed the NBC docs and my docs and LTC Lakin’s docs, et al. I came prepared, with “document-guns” blazing! I came in a black suit, black hat and flowered scarf and looked professional, so the staff would take me seriously. And they did. At the end of the day, Mr. Michael Cohen, knew he had an “Apprentice” in the making! And Yeshua-Jesus made it all possible! I had so much fun; it was a whirlwind adventure!

Sher: After delivering the information on your particular case to Mr. Trump’s liaison and attorney, what is your next step?

Theresa: My next step is to ask the Arizona Delegates, Mr. Michael Cohen, and Mr. Donald Trump for direct legal assistance/counsel for my case. I stated in my cover letter hand-delivered to Mr. Michael Cohen, for Mr. Trump, that my criminal misdemeanor case would potentially provide us the case to prove Obama’s ineligibility to be POTUS. Calls and messages have already been made to Mr. Cohen’s office, today.

Jeff Lichter, one of the three Arizona delegates, stated that he would be willing to communicate with Mr. Michael Cohen and Mr. Donald Trump, concerning my case as well as LTC Terrence Lakin’s case, as needed after my Status Hearing scheduled for April 12, 2011, at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, 500 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., Room Number 201 or 210, at 9:30am.

Sher:  Thanks, Theresa, and please keep us posted on your next court appearance on May 9th.

As an end note, Theresa tells me that she has the support of Los Angeles-based Pastor Rives Grogan, his wife, and 11-year old son.  The Grogans were also arrested for exercising their free speech and were either intentionally or unintentionally reported by some of the media as trying to “illegally” enter the Capitol building in Washington D.C.  The police officers in the below video are heard telling Pastor Grogan that his speech using the word “abortion” is “offensive” and against the law.  Offensive to Dictator-in-Chief Obama. Perhaps?  This apparently is now the method by which those who speak against the Obama regime’s plans will be incarcerated as the Grogans were, subsequently, arrested on 22 December 2009.  For this “crime” Pastor Grogan spent 2 weeks in jail.  The latest arrest involves Grogan and his 11 year-old son being arrested on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. for preaching.  Apparently, there is no room, whatsoever, for opposition to The Obama’s policies…especially if you’re Christian.  No more free speech for Christians?  Looks like it from here.

Unconstitutional Arrest see yourself in Washington D.C. at Senate:

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