Nancy Pelosi Speaks from the Heart: ‘Elections Shouldn’t Matter as Much as They Do’

Reported in Mediaite:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi: ‘To My Republican Friends, Take Back Your Party’

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gave a speech at Tufts University in Massachusetts where she shared some “friendly” advice with the opposing side in Washington. Clearly frustrated with the lengthy and acrimonious budget fight, Pelosi said “elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do” and warned that it would be problematic for the country if both parties do not have shared values.



What happened to “This is what democracy looks like??”  I guess Democrats mean this is what democracy looks like… everyone doing our will, but when the people speak, they are wrong, mean, selfish, murderous… grandma/homosexual/woman/Muslim/poor people/you-name-it hating racist, bigots.


This is what tyranny looks like


h/t Michelle Malkin


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