The Usurper in Chief Obama vs. The Donald?

Since the then-obscure Illinois Senate Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was picked to give the keynote address at the 2004 Democrat National Convention, he has been on a seemingly unstoppable and unprecedented E-ticket ride to the top–in order to take control of all of the assets of the United States of America and parcel them out to his friends and supporters.

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Thus far, he has gotten away with and is still affecting it.  Even his “campaign” against Republican Candidate Sen. John Sidney McCain was a breeze, as each time McCain found himself rising in the polls he told his people to “back off” on any criticism of opponent Obama.  In other words, it strongly appears that McCain threw the election, took a dive etc.  Are they both working for the same masters?

Note:  Don’t forget McCain is a liberal (aka covert leftist) and only pretends conservatism when he’s running for reelection.  Unfortunately, his Senatorial election tactics have worked.  However, when McCain was asked to provide his long-form birth certificate to prove he was a natural born citizen–he did.  On the other hand, Obama’s handlers only produced a very short-form Certificate of Live Birth (ostensibly from Hawaii and a document that is easily obtained even by those who are foreign-born) that had no signatures and was, almost immediately, shown to be fraudulent.  Also, besides birth place, there is that other pesky problem of his ostensible father’s birthplace.  In order to be a US natural born citizen (NBC) one’s parents must also be citizens of the USA before the child is born.  Obama senior was Kenyan and carried British citizenship.  So, either way (assuming Obama senior is his father and Stanley Ann Durham did give birth to him) Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural-born US citizen–if a citizen of this country at all.

Since the original Obama COLB forgery, no fewer than three others have appeared on the Internet and Obama still refuses to produce his long-form birth certificate.  Question:  Are Obama’s minions really having that much trouble creating one?

To date, none of the Republican potential presidential candidates (although recently candidate Herman Cain came out very cautiously questioning it) have challenged The Obama’s NBC.  The wimp factor of the Republican Party’s potential candidates is now higher than at any other time in history.  They are all afraid of (or bought off by?) Obama and seem to be on a course that will reelect the usurper to his soon-to-be throne.  Don’t forget that if the dictator-in-chief is reelected nothing will stop his completion of the shredding of our US Constitution and the complete elimination of our Bill of Rights.  Even before his was “elected” Obama said he didn’t like the US Constitution, he planned to drive up energy prices (saying that due to his planned policies “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”) and that he would have gasoline at $4.00/gallon.  He has done these and so very much more to destroy the USA and its people.  But, there are still dyed in the wool masochists out there who want him to continue doling out the pain.  Obama intends to continue accommodating them.

Currently, there is only one potential candidate for the Presidency of the United States who is even talking about saving our country from the rout being employed and forced upon us by the current occupant of our White House.  That individual is Donald Trump.  As one of the US’ (if not the world’s) most successful business entrepreneurs, Trump has watched Obama’s ongoing dismantling towards termination of the USA and all of its freedoms designed by our founders for individuals to succeed.  And along with the rest of us who still believe in liberty, Mr. Trump doesn’t like it.  He also–while the rest of the Republican presidential field candidates cower in their respective corners–has not been afraid to jump into the central battle of Obama’s eligibility.  Trump is talking much like a man who is ready to take on the battle and eventually the war of ending the reign of the most malevolent White House resident in our history.  I pray he’s serious about taking on the fight and that he is being truthful with We-the-People.  Note: I’ve followed Trump for years through his downturns (we all have them) and his ultimate successes.  Thus far, he seems to be a man of integrity.

At this juncture I fervently hope Trump runs for the Office of President of the United States, as he is the only one now potentially running who can possibly pull us back from the cliff over which we are being forced to jump.  Oh and by the way, he has already produced his long-form birth certificate and his Mother’s (she was born in Scotland) US citizenship documents.  Not only does he appear to be a force majeure for the good of the USA but, he is truly a natural born citizen.  Imagine that!


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