One Glimpse of the Coming Global Collectivist Hell

Friends, provided below, by archeologist and freedom friend Guy Leven-Torres, is a glimpse of life in Britain, the America of tomorrow if the Left has its way (and so far it has).

In fact, even the “Christian Right” will happily escort us there via the New World Order (supranational government experiments such as “Christian” president Dubbya’s PPP — Peace and Prosperity Partnership with Mexico and China, NAFTA, and later the North American Union designed by the makers of the European Union). GW Bush and his daddy were both pro New World Order.

Richard Haas, President, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

“Christian Right” darling Mike Huckabee said in his last campaign that he wanted the head of the CFR as his secretary of state. Connecting the dots, this man, Richard Haass, had just written an essay suggesting that countries (incl the US) give up their sovereignty in the interest of something better, implying he wants an international government, of the kind that is embroiling the West in another misguided adventure in North Africa, where NATO jets recently “helped” the rebel forces by accidentally shooting a few of them from the air. Ooops. One of the survivors, a military leader, shouted “Down with NATO.”

In that we agree! And down with the UN, and down with the CFR and the Bilderbergers and the international banking cartel that is destroying the world economy via the Fed and major world banks through their socialist give-away schemes ultimately paid for by hapless tax payers.

Finally, let me make it clear: The Christian Right resembles more than anything the church of Laodicea, of which God said: Because you are neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth.

Don Hank

A Death Blow-The Effect Of Celebrating Evil

by Guy Leven-Torres, April 9 2011

The Lunacy and Absurdity is epitomised by scenes like this! Unthinkable even a decade ago! All of it EU inspired ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ targets.

I am a reasonable and honest man….. I think. I am tolerant and fairly generous and will usually not turn my back upon a fellow human in trouble. However, under no circumstance will I compromise with wrongdoing and evil. I have an elderly friend called ‘Pat.’ He lives in my village and a few weeks ago, I assisted him with disposing of an old mattress he could hardly lift. Pat during his lifetime has been ‘around’ and been a bit of a rebel, with an easy eye to the main chance. I know that he has found things that ‘fell off the back of a truck.’ However Pat is in his seventies and comes from older, kinder, gentler times, when our Police were still traditional bobbies, who knew their patch, the villains and were a welcome part in village life. They also knew when to turn a blind eye.

Traditional Bobby and Gender ‘aware’ Policing today! How the hell did we ever allow this to happen?

My local officer PC Fyffe, is one of these- an ex RAF policeman- of the old school but cannot wait for retirement. He is nearly my age. I once helped his son with a Roman history project. There are one or two around the Egham-Windsor beat- old fashioned real policemen- the type that one instinctively respects- they quite literally exude authority and wear the old fashioned uniform of white shirt and smart gaberdine black uniform and helmet, as well as the office in which they serve- the Office of Constable…..far, far removed from the lightweight, politically correct, diversity and inclusion conscious ‘yooful’ orifices seen in ever greater numbers, sporting yellow fluorescent jackets, averaging around medium height and under, that make up the ‘Community Police Support Officers’ and ‘Police Officers’ and whom I have found, to be quite lacking in manners or common-sense. These I have no respect for, even though they demand it. They do not exude ‘authority’ but rather a collective paranoia and suspicion and ‘attitude’ and over expectation of ‘respet,’ that militates against any remnants of respect, from an increasingly alienated public. I will not help them in any form. My attitude to older officers is quite different.

These latter call me ‘Mr’ Leven-Torres, before asking permission to call me ‘Guy.’ The younger simply start off with my first name. I allow nobody, to assume such impertinence unless I get to know them. One of these youngsters became quite aggressive, when I objected to being treated with such familiarity, after I was stopped at a checkpoint on the A328, not far from where I live in Runnymede. She called over two of her ‘policette’ colleagues and complained I made her feel ‘threatened.’ I was then asked to answer a barrage of questions about my details ranging from, name and address, my destination but more disturbingly my race, my sexuality and other intrusive questions. This was a car tax road-block and I had just collected a new Volvo and actually on my way to tax it. I objected to answering these intrusive questions by simply asking, ‘What has this to do with no Road-Fund licence?’ The girl, no taller than 5ft 2 inches replied ‘Answer the questions!’

I replied ‘No! Not unless you can explain why I have to answer questions about my sexuality and race? I ask you once again, what has this to do with road tax?’ She looked at me angrily….

‘Do you know we can confiscate your car and crush it!!!!’

‘On what grounds?’

‘You are driving an unlicensed vehicle.’

‘I just showed you the documents and sale note. I have only had it two hours! I am actually,on my way to tax it at Egham Post Office!’

‘That is no excuse! You should tax it on the internet!’

‘I tried to do so but the V5 form is still in the name of the former owner, who is disabled!’

‘Well then you still should have taxed it before collecting it!’

‘So if I understand this right, the former owner must supply a complete stranger with important documents and I part with money, before it goes on the road?’


‘You’re mad! The DVLA allows up to 14 days unofficially to tax vehicles- this was told me only yesterday by themselves. They simply told me to back-tax it!’

‘That is not the point! Like I said we can seize and scrap the Volvo and fine you up to six months back charges!’

A civilian official approached. He asked what the problem was….

‘Oh he is in the right actually!’ As long as he is in receipt of documentation and has satisfied me that he is doing his level best to tax at the earliest opportunity, he is quite within the law! I showed him my documents and he was satisfied. I then drove back the same way with the tax disc on display. I was stopped again…..The woman PC, tried again to get me to answer her tick box questions. I refused. I sarcastically asked her,

‘So is it a crime now to be fully taxed?’

‘I was just checking you had done so!’

‘Which is why I drove back the same way! You need to learn trust people young lady!’

‘Don’t be so patronising and sexist!’

‘Do you always treat the public like this? Do you not think you are allowing your personal whims to cloud your judgement? All this over a tax disc and my quite reasonable refusal to answer very rude questions about my most personal feelings! One does not ask such things!’

‘It is the law!’

‘No actually it is not the law Madam!’

‘You are being sexist again!’

‘No Madam, I am old fashioned and my personal likes and dislikes are my own affair and nothing to do with over officious, self-important know-alls, sitting in offices dreaming up ways to make life for the general public an ongoing misery! Now may I go?’

‘Yes but watch your step! We’ll be watching you!’

I was getting angry but chose to hold my tongue. We seem to be doing a great deal of this today. This morning, from my hospital bed, I transmitted a Daily Mail Article via my laptop, about a Police Inspector sick to death of modern Politically Correct policing. He bemoans the Diversity and Inclusion target driven bureaucracy, the criminalisation of everyday habits and the increasing plethora of red tape, that is strangling almost every aspect of public but also private life in the UK and Europe. All of this- 100% is from the EU. This is the German-Franco corporate mindset-corpus juris in practice.

Now back to my pal Pat. Last month he ‘helped himself’ to a flat TV monitor in a skip. Pat is a wizard with electronics. He can repair anything. I only realised he had helped himself to something when we were stopped by six council ‘refuse engineers,’ in the now proliferate yellow fluorescent jackets. He stopped his Ford Transit van, as these six creatures blocked the exit. The tallest, a foreigner it seems, demanded through the open window on the driver’s side. ‘Have you taken something?’

Pat became visibly nervous….

‘Well, er no as a matter of fact I haven’t!’

‘Yes, you did! We have you and your mate on CCTV! Open your back up! And directing his face at me next to Pat, ‘You get out of the van too mate!’

‘I am not your mate! And no I will not get out!’

‘Get out ….You are both in trouble!’

‘For what?’ I demanded…

‘Theft of a TV monitor!’

Pat opened the doors to the van. The monitor was laying on its side…..Pat owned up. I began to understand slowly…..

‘Jesus Christ Pat! How many times have I warned you not to keep “finding” such things!?’ Now you really have dropped us both in it? Thanks very much- over a stupid TV scrap monitor? God can’t you keep your fingers from taking stuff? At your age too… and with a crippled wife!’

I was now very upset!

The boss of the dump then asked us….

‘Are you commercial?’

Pat replied ‘No private!’

‘No I often see you together! Does your younger mate work as the van boy?’

‘No he is my friend! He is an archaeologist!’

One of the other workmen jibed ‘F****** hell, That’s a new one mate!? You don’t look like an arc — olo — gist!’

I produced my SEFA ‘ID’ I use on field trips.

‘Cor wot a posh name? Spanish innit? Is yew Inglish then?’

‘Sorry, what type of question is that?’

‘Lissen mate, yew an’ yer mate are in grief yeah?! This will involve the police too yeah?!’

‘What over a piece of scrap!?’

‘It’s still feft!’

‘I had no idea he had taken it!’

The end result was that ‘Pat’ has been banned from two waste disposal sites. He was let off with a warning. I am just plain aggrieved with the over officious ‘refuse engineers’ and the pettiness and obviously, vindictive sense of spite and power, enjoyed by these people, that have no fear of calling strangers ‘Mate’ and with Pat, for being so stupid at his time of life, especially with a crippled wife, who needs 24 hours care but also the fact that through his activity, I could have been left, with a criminal record for theft and loss of work in my field. I have not seen Pat for days. As I told him, ‘Times have changed Pat!’ Old England is gone. Officials do not turn a blind eye any more but are on the lookout for the slightest excuse to criminalise the public and make money- usually target driven revenue based — all of it straight out of the EU……..!’


From 1971 to 2009, Don Hank was the owner and operator of a technical translation agency. He has translated professionally from over 20 languages and is the author of Japanese-to-English Technical Translation Manual and French-English Dictionary of Aluminum Manufacturing Terms.  Since 2006, he has been the owner/operator of the Christian news and views site Laigle’s Forum ( His straightforward and common-sense articles on politics, economics, science, government and culture have been published in WorldNetDaily, Canada Free Press, Christian Worldview Network, Etherzone, FedUpUSA, Renew America, Desert Conservative and Midia Sem Mascara.

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