‘It’s Time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to Go Straight to Hell’ Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton

Reported in The Hill:

Delegate: DC residents should tell Congress to ‘go straight to hell’

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) unleashed on Congress Thursday for veering toward a government shutdown, saying her constituents in Washington, D.C., are “being treated as colonists of the Congress.”

Norton appeared visibly angry during an television interview, during which she lobbed attacks at the legislature and Republicans for their behavior in the budget talks.

“District residents are being treated as colonists of the Congress of the United States. We are absolutely outraged. This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians,” she said on WTTG-TV.

Norton’s rhetoric is some of the toughest yet levied against congressional negotiators, who are still at an impasse over a 2011 budget proposal. If GOP and Democratic leaders cannot pass a spending bill by the end of Friday, the government will shut down.


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