Ann Barnhardt Flays Lindsey Graham, Cites those ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Koran

New Zeal

Ann Barnhardt rebuts ultra RINO Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent anti-free speech remarks regarding the Florida Koran burning controversy.

One of the most spirited, gutsy and intelligent defenses of free speech you are ever likely to hear.

Gulag Note: click link in upper left corner after the video plays, to see the remainder.

After watching this, Lindsey “Jackass” Graham, will certainly be left “blubbering in the men’s room.”


  1. Just another tea partier filled with hate, What can you expect from such a brainless idiot. All the tea partiers will ever accomplish is getting Obama reelected. By the way the president of the US also condemned the Koran burning, but she didn’t have the guts to carry on a tirade against him and call him a jackass.

    • Virgil, what hatred do you see? Have you listened to this, or are you assigned to find entries on Ms. Barnhardt and paste in comments?

      Barnhardt speaks of Christian love and is correct. She even gives an example.

      What a lover of truth hates, however, is deceit.

      Finally, to remind you, the word in your first, inaccurate sentence should be “hatred.” If you’re going to perpetuate politically correct lies, please at least make it grammatically correct.

    • Virgil, I suggest you check her blog at

      There, she has plenty to say about Obama and plenty of other people. Do your research before running your mouth.

    • The President is a MUSLIM. Of course he condemns Quran burning. BTW, I condemn you.

  2. Sorry Ms Barnhardt, but Lindsey Graham is right. There were limits on freedom of speech during World War II. Just before entering World War Two, congress passed the Sedition Act of 1940, limiting freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The act made it a crime to distribute written materials or make speeches in a way to cause insubordination or refusal of duty in the armed forces. It also made it a crime to teach or advocate the overthrow of the government by force. In addition mail of service men was censored, news and newspapers were sometimes censored in order to protect the morale of our troops, and there was forced internment of Japanese Americans.

    • Jose Maria, you seem to be arguing something Ms. Barnhardt is, herself, asserting. I suggest that next time, you may wish to comment about the material, instead of presuming about it.

  3. Correction: It was the Smith Act of 1940. Sorry for the typo

  4. I won’t be watching any more of this evil woman’s videos. I wish I had never wasted my time in the first place. She is nothing more than a plant by the far right whose agenda is to destroy the political career of LIndsey Graham. It was Supreme Court Stephen Breyer who said he doubted if the 1st Amendment covered Koran burning. She didn’t go after him. She can’t hold a candle to Lindsey Graham. In fact, she would need a step ladder to even touch his boots.

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