IMF & INET Streaming Together; NWO Insurrection by Amoeba Finance

I have an update to do, but here we are, for now.

April Activities: Find America in this Picture

As we start to zero in on the INET Bretton Woods summit summoned by George Soros and those who alternatively hide behind, or gather around him, we can take a quick look at how it fits an overall picture.  Let’s see what the IMF and World Bank “communitarian” elitists are up to.

In so doing, we find that before the Bretton Woods affair, which is to focus on new “solutions,” there was a similar IMF meeting, focused on the problems. Called “New Ideas for a New World,” it was centered upon “Post-Crisis Policy Making” and occurred March 7-14.  That gave some of them a lot of time to communicate in quiet (the traditional word for that is “conspiracy”) when they weren’t making videos.

Then, we find Soros’ April 8-11 conference ends just as the IMF and World Bank take up their April 11-17 Spring Meetings.  Well, “Blossom of Spring, won’t you bloom and grow?”  More like a growing amoeba with an appetite.  So let’s get a taste of what is going on, by their own promotion videos.

Here is a collection of pitches for “Ideas for a New World.”  Hey, they left out the last word, “Order.”  Could it be that some of them know their version of order requires great disorder, first and foremost, the crises then not to be wasted?  They also left out the word “Brave,” before “New World.”  Maybe that’s because some of them like Huxley, have qualms.

The vid puts their dexterous foot forward about that March 2011 conference, while their sinister foot is remains to fall.  Oh look. See all the globalist neo-Marxists.

So who are these dudes, getting together and yukking it up? (Well, three out of four globalist manipulators seem to approve, anyway.)  And what is their gist? the IMF site appears this Sunday, April 3rd, 2011, (probably two days earlier, too)...


Front and center, left to right:

  • Joseph Stiglitz, Professor at Columbia University and infamous as one of George Soros’ most closely allied corrupto-economists.  He says he’s excited about our monetary crisis.
  • Second dude to be named later in a mini-update; may have been left on the editor’s floor, I hope not bodily.
  • Otmar Issing, President of the Center for Financial Studies is the man of unhilarious countenance, above.  Party poopingly, he does not like banking instability, calls for higher quality regulation, and has the audacity to propose that some banks reign in their excess liquidity.  What a bring down.  Who let that guy in the room?
  • Dominque Strauss-Kahn is the IMF chairman.  Were he to speak on a promo video, it would detract from the mystique of power.

Further bits from the video:

  • Michael Spence, Professor at Stanford University downplays a focus on preventing inflation.  He imagines we’ll kind of muddle through, though we may have crises “in Europe or America or both.”  He closes the show here by warning that the unemployment crisis will remain.  That seems to be the outcome of the conference.  Why stress that?  Could it be, Satan, for the sake of revolution?
  • Robet Solow, Professor Emeritus of Massachussetts Institute of Technology, wants the monetary crisis to bleed into fiscal policy (something for which central banks are so centrally known, profiteering from economy destroying debt and taxation bubbles they “nudge” along to foment, from the 17oo’s onward).  Wide-eyed, though, he gives us the news that debt build up “will have to be settled in the longer run.”
  • Graciela Kaminsky, Professor at George Washington University seeks to placate us that the fiscal policy worked, addressing the 2008 meltdown — don’t worry about such things as expanding the debt and insolvency bubbles, worldwide.
  • Jo-Marie Griesgraber, Executive Director of New Rules for Global Finance admonishes financial services for being interested in business profit.  The polemic difference to her is to be “interested in human beings.”  Thus, one may suppose human beings are naturally meant to be unprofitable, according to Ms. Griesgraber.  She then supports her thesis by flashing the essential intellectual insanity of Marxism: that job creation is a matter separated from profit or profit seeking.  She also puts in a word “for the impact on the environment or anything else….”
  • Vittorio Corbo, Former Central Bank Governor of Chile, calls for the artificial concoction of “incentives” to make banks “prudent,” centrally and globally, one may suspect.  Then again, Mr. Corbo may be a toss-in for the sake of diversity.
  • Suman Bery, Director General of the National Council of Applied Economic Research, seems to wonder whether “the behemoths of the global financial system” may be “supervised” due to their political as well as financial power.  Why there need to be such problematic global behemoths, he does not ask.  He assures us though, that “…nobody quite knows what the fixes are.”  Whew, and here we thought people such as George Soros were confident of their schemes.
  • Damon Silvers, everyone!  He is with the American Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO).  Funny that he should be there.  Aren’t union people the ones who barge into banks and disrupt them?  Mr. Silvers (now, do Silvers boom or bust during a monetary debacle?) teaches fellow attendees and onlookers that “balanced growth, worldwide,” must involve “constraining the appetites and the political power of the rich.”  If we fail to do so, “we are absolutely certain, a. not to have balanced growth and, b. to continue high unemployment as we’ve had it and, c. to repeat our cycles of financial bubbles and busts,” so help him, Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward, Frances Fox Piven, Andy Stern, and Boss Hog Trumka.

The only one who seems absent in the crowd was the guy from the X-Files, but that’s right, the black helis did him in after he went rogue.

More on the NWO globalists’, neo-Marxists’, Soros’, INET’s Bretton Woods conference and the IMF Spring Fling, after a bit.  Come back for more of the reality show.  In the mean time, you can watch more of their programming at the IMF site.

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