Woman Arrested for Email Death Threats: Bizarre New Development

First Reported at Examiner.com — update of original story

On March 31st, Gateway Pundit posted the PeekYou profile of one Katherine A. Windels, thought to be the same Katherine R. Windels of Cross Plains, Wisconsin, recently charged with sending email death threats to Wisconsin state senators. Although the middle initial is different, Windels’ criminal complaint does list an alias, and Windels used an alias in at least one of her email threats.

The screenshot of that profile is posted to the right.  It describes a 26 year-old female, her work connections, schools and interests. It also links this person to Windels’ hometown of Cross Plains. The picture provided is a fairly good match for the photo provided by the Madison, WI, ABC affiliate WKOW.com.

In a bizarre twist, Windels’ PeekYou profile has now been changed. The screen shot at left was taken today. Note that her name is now correctly given as Katherine R. Windels, but she now lists her age as 63.

Nothing else has changed.

Liberty Chick has also reported that the Mackinac Center, a think tank in Midland, Michigan recently had similar sounding threats left on voice mail from a female caller. The caller mentioned the Wisconsin public union battle, Governor Scott Walker, and the Mackinac Center’s recent FOIA requests to Michigan Universities regarding the Wisconsin controversy, an effort that was criticized on the Rachel Maddow Show. In one message, the caller left a name and said she was from “a neighboring state.” Detroit Free Press provided a few details of those messages:

In one of the calls to the Mackinac Center, the caller said, “Scotty Walker is dead. So are you. We know where you live.” She then recited the center’s address and said, “We are coming to destroy you.”

In another call, the caller said, “You are the first place to be bombed.”

Four messages appeared to be from one woman. The other may have been from another woman…

In a phone call today, Michael D. Jahr, Mackinac Center’s Vice President of Communications said that the messages were quite extensive and very disturbing. He added that they were asked by the FBI not to give out the name or state the caller mentioned until the investigation was completed.

None of this story has gotten much exposure in the media. A quick Google search reveals only blog posts and the earlier article by this author. Two of the journalists who initially broke the story, Bill Glauber of the Journal Sentinel Online and Sandy Cullen of the Wisconsin State Journal, had no information other than what they originally reported. When pressed on whether they planned to pursue the story further, neither responded.

It seems very clear that the media does not want to discuss this at all and wishes the whole story would just go away. What hypocrisy.

Gulag Note – From Teri O’Brien: We’ll be talking about this story tomorrow (Sunday 4/3, 4pm CT) on the Teri O’Brien Show, when we’ll also be welcoming as a special guest the Union Grove business owner who stood up to union thugs. She’ll be on Greta Van Susteran’s show Monday evening, but she’s on our show tomorrow. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Teri-OBrien


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