The Problems with Obama: From NBC to Overt Support of Terrorists

One thing that I can say positively about the current resident of We-the-People’s White House is that Obama has been and is still successful in his unwavering pursuit of the dismantling and demolition of the USA.  And, thus far, the majority feckless eunuchs in Congress have cowered in their corners and refused to stop the Marxist-Leninist Obama from achieving his goal of continuing the Obama Doctrine; which is “Anything–including any and all crises–that can damage and/or help destroy the United States of America.”  For decades, courage has not been in prominent supply in the once-hallowed halls of Congress.  Tragically, that still remains so today.

First and foremost–on the negative side–is the subject that simply will not go away.  In fact, following potential Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments, this issue is actually now on a steep rise.  This, of course, is the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be president of the United States–in the first place.  While the in-the-tank-for-Dictator-Obama media (and the usual leftist celebrities) immediately began shouting and demanding that Trump “prove” he is a natural born citizen (NBC), they also continue to say anyone who asks for their Exalted Obama’s real birth certificate are demented or racist “birthers.”  Not to mention that if it is definitively proven that Obama is ineligible, he and everything he has signed is illegal.  However, the truth must come out now.  Otherwise, our Republic–if it isn’t already–is over forever.

If Obama were fair haired and rosey cheeked, would it make any difference? Image: blogger, masrur123

Note: Whoopi Goldberg also jumped into the fray by saying on “The View” that if Obama was “white’ no one would be asking for his birth certificate and that the request, itself, was “racist.”  Suffice it to say, this defies any sort of logic (even “Whoopi-logic”) as the media demanded John McCain show his birth certificate before running for POTUS; while again accepting The Obama’s claim of NBC like any good and mindless adherents would.  But, as we all know by now, what the Left can prove with facts and truth they cloud with ad hominems.  By the way, Trump IS a natural born citizen and the below referenced article “Now look who’s getting grilled over eligibility” proves it.

As he has already destroyed our economy via his raiding of the US Treasury and taking more vacations than most of us have in a lifetime, it was time for Obama to jump into a new adventure!  Obama’s recent foray into Libya is another illegal act–there are so many of them, now, that I had to stop counting months ago.  1. He did not ask for a declaration of war.  But, to be fair, no President of the United States has done so in a long… long time; 2.  He did not even consult Congress (this is definitely a no-no); 3.  There was no imminent danger to the USA (as there was with Afghanistan at the time of 9-11-2011) before Obama started dropping bombs on and firing Tomahawk rockets into Libya; 4.  He did not go to Congress and ask for and receive a Congressional resolution (as did President George W. Bush for attacks on Iraq, by the way)–a huge no-no.  Note: Those who refuse to see that Obama is now a dictator may be doomed forever to blindness.

Obama signed an executive order–again not even a consultation with Congress–to arm the identified Libyan al-Qaeda “rebels” over 2-3 weeks ago.  Many of us have known for years that Obama & Co support anyone and everyone they can use to help annihilate the USA and Israel.  Now, however, Obama is becoming more and more overt about it every day–as he laughs at We-the-People–that’s a gallows laugh for us.  And while many in Congress continue to cringe and grab every last paycheck and perk they can while the Republic crumbles in front of them, the Obama steps up his plans to destroy Israel by having all middle east countries not run by violent Islam destroyed…then setting them up with the Muslim Brotherhood or one of its offshoots.  Have you noticed that the countries Obama is interested in “saving” are only those who are close enough to attack Israel?  I’m sure Israel has.

Donald Trump must be supported in his efforts to have Obama display a true and viable birth certificate.  At least four Obama COLBs (certificates of live birth) have popped up on the Internet and all of them have been shown to be counterfeit.  Note: May as well have Obama write on a piece of paper “I was born in Hawaii.”

Congress must be contacted by We-the-People and this issue must be settled with the truth–once and for all and now!  But then, only our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren and our country are at stake.

Now look who’s getting grilled over eligibility: in

Obama Arming Al-Qaeda terrorists

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  1. Nothing like being “put in their place” by an ex-CIA agent who knows what the truth is:

  2. Man, I thought GWB was bad but this moron has the “top billing” as most inept President ever. Jimmy Carter, you are now off the hook.

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