Gulag Night Alert: Dan Gainor on Soros’ April 8 Bretton Conference for New Global Banking, Mon. 3/28

Update – the program, archived to stream here:

Dan Gainor photoDan Gainor of Business & Media Institute just broke the news about George Soros’ immedate plans to reorganize central banking, globally.

What does this mean to American Sovereignty?  Did we not fight a war for independence?

Gainor will be our guest on Gulag Night, this Monday 3/28, 10pm ET.  Don’t miss the beginning, because he only has 30 minutes to spare. Listen there, or call in at 310-807-5060.

Read the article here:
Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy.”

It came one day after I wrote about just such moves:
Oh. My. George. Soros on Europe’s Worsening Banking Crisis & the Most Evil Plan Yet

For the remainder of the Gulag Night, we will continue to discuss not only George Soros, but what (and whom) he represents.

Topics include:

  • Glenn Beck’s recent program with G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve.
  • Should we revisit the “conspiracy theory” that is so often discarded?
  • Do central banks and their financiers conspire with global Marxists and Islamofascists?

Kelleigh Nelson

Also, hear Guest, Kelleigh Nelson on: “Big Trouble in the Little Social Security Payroll Tax Cut

We will have a panel including Gulag Bound dissidents, hosted by Arlen Williams & Tallulah Starr.

Also: What is The Globe & Malevolence?


See and hear for yourself, Monday 10pm-Midnight. You are suffering the Soft War against America. Let us learn about the enemy at work against us and defeat it.

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