Communist Rioters Rock London

As I wrote in February, London has been rocked by huge communist led anti-budget cut rallies over the weekend.

The Socialist Workers Party, Communist Party of Britain, Workers Liberty and several other Marxist and anarchist groups have joined with labor unions to put 250-400,000 bodies on the streets – nowhere near that many brains.

Will we also see an attempt to start an occupation of Trafalgar Square?

Lovely little whitewash from MSNBC.

The Kremlin’s mouthpiece Russia Today is loving this. Here they interview John Rees of the Stop the Wars Coalition. Why does no one tell us that he is a leader of the Socialist Workers Party?

Yep, communism is dead alright.

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  1. Interesting how the communist are leading the communist are leading protest in London but then in communist china they imprison those who dare to even write about protesting like Liu Xianbin the other day. Some animals are equal but some are mor equal than others hey?

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