Head To Head: Should Articles Of Impeachment Be Drawn Up On Obama?

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From: The Watcher’s Council

Today, we’re happy to bring you a brand new WoW feature… Head To Head!

Each week members of the Council and/or guest debaters will challenge each other in a no-holds-barred cage match discussing the issues making the headlines today.

This week’s match-up pits Greg from Rhymes With Right against Council Alumnus Soccer Dad, as they examine the question: Should articles of impeachment be drawn up over President Obama’s extension of presidential war powers?

The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. — Barack Obama, December 20, 2007

GREG: The exercise of the impeachment power by the House of Representatives is not something to be undertaken lightly. And yet, the words of “constitutional scholar,” “statesman” and Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama carry special weight as we consider the decision to commit US forces to military action in Libya over the past weekend. They speak to a situation in which a president might exceed the authority delegated to him under the US Constitution in such a manner as to constitute a violation of his oath of office and, in the words of the constitution, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” which amount to an impeachable offense.

Let’s examine the reality of the current Libyan engagement. The United States has not been attacked by Libya, nor is there any discernible threat of attack against the United States during the four weeks since Obama made a nebulous “declaration of emergency” over the Libyan situation made via an executive order. Indeed, the grounds for the attack is to protect Libyan civilians from their own government, which while laudable does not constitute any sort of defense of American security. There has been no authorization of this use of force by either house of Congress, and Speaker John Boehner has made it clear that there has been no meaningful consultation of Congressional leadership or communication as to the intended level of commitment or its goals. Indeed, Obama has declared his authority for the use of force to be not the US Constitution, not a Congressional authorization to use the war-making power of the US military, but a United Nations resolution.

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  1. Has this Countries citizens any hope of regaining our beloved Constitutional Republic? Do either of these great minds care to comment on how much soveriegnty we are losing to the United Nations because we have a Congress who has become so drunk with their own personal corruption issues? We are in serious trouble as a Nation when Presidents have been/are allowed to get away with an overreach of authority because of political power games at our exspence “If we let him do that, then he will have to let us do this or we will tell on him”.
    First things first, Obama is not eligible to be President and therefore null and void, so he has put this Country in a Constitutional crisis right out of the gate. He has shown a complete and total disregard for the Constitution every chance he has had. Why does it surprise anyone that he has went behind the backs of Congress to the U.N. for approval. More of our future, the destruction of a soveriegn Nation, is revealed to us at an alarming pace. Where has the Congress been? Where is anyone willing to stand up and defend the Constitution? Where has honor and loyalty to God and Country gone?
    I applaud Mr. Kusinich for bringing up impeachment but, where has he been for the rest of the Constitutional issues. He along with the rest of Congress, no matter the party affiliation, has chosen to neglect his oath of office when it has suited him. The ugly and glaring truth of the matter is we have allowed for too long, corrupt politicians to police themselves. History provides us with evidence when impeachment proceedings have been brought against a President “We The People” have never received due proccess. We are told this, that and the other to cover up and protect their own behinds. Again, no matter the party, they walk scott-free and we get the check. Nothing changes because we move the line back futher everytime they cross it. We provide them with an accuse for every offence they commit because we voted for them and we are not willing to take responsibility for a error in judgement.
    This debate was nice based on the questions it raises and a level of awareness to this particular overreach. Ultimately what does it change, what did we gain from it? Did this debate get us any closer to regaining our Constitutional Republic. Could we instead have debates and conversations like this while we are marching to demand OUR Country back and return common sense. To reach our destination of YOURS and MY front lawn to proudly shout “WE ARE HERE BECAUSE YOU, ARE ELECTED SERVANTS, HAVE BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF BREACH OF CONTRACT. WE ARE HERE TO PERSONALY INFORM YOU THAT YOUR SERVICES ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED. FURTHERMORE IT IS OUR INTENT TO REMAIN HERE UNTIL, WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES, ARE SATISFIED THAT THE COUNTRY HAS BEEN RESTORED TO ITS FULL CONSTITUTIONAL FOUNDATIONS (original intent not living document).
    We must stop listening to the programed replies of how we can not rock the boat for whatever the reason. We must realize what grave danger this Country is in and take approprate action to correct it before it becomes that much more difficult to accomplish and our options that much more limited. But make no mistake we must be resolved in our effort to correct this crisis! Will you continue to fight and struggle to remain in your house, buy your gas, food, eletric bill so on and so on, only to hear the next thing you must deal with, ecking out a living that has been choosen for you? How long will you continue to play the game that is designed for your failure or at least maintaining you future of servitude? We all know that a casino is set in the houses favor, and our Government has become the same, I would say it has been this way for quite some time and both parties are guilty in one way or another. How much more pain are you willing to endure before you say enough is enough? Do not wait for someone else to take up this cause, that person does not exist because to many of us have thought the same thing. Oh but Someone did come along and at the most opportune time but, it was a wolf in sheeps clothing. Are we willing to make the same mistake? A million excuses can be made to stay in your comfort zone and trust me the corrupt and guilty would much rather you did that. Stop being afraid, stop making excuses, stop justifying, stop being a victim, stop procrastinating. Decide instead to take responsibility for you part, suck it up, and make a difference. United we can accomplish anything but, it is united that we must be in our goal to state loudly our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Many are out there at this very moment doing something to make a difference and I am thankfull they are but, we are fighting against a very determined and organized enemy. What I am suggesting is not a one day or weekend rally but, as long as it takes unitl WE THE PEOPLE are satisfied that our Constitutional Republic has been restored. I look at it this way and I hope you will to, If I am willing to do my part to stand up for my rights and yours and you are willing to do the same, now we have made the job that much easier but, we can only do this for so long because of our own personal lives. What I want to change is the willingness to commit to however long it takes because by attacking the problem with that attitude we can ensure our victory. Remember there are millions of excuses to not do it but if I knew that by making a sacrafice of time up front to enjoy the rest of my life the way we were meant to live our lives, then the choice is easy! Lets make history, lets have our future generations look back on this time the way we are able to look at couragous people from our past that stood up in defense of OUR great Nation.
    I am curious to hear your responses, I am willing to hear your opinions but, make no mistake the time is urgent and we must decide to act. I am guilty of waiting for someone else to make the first step of truly wanting to make a difference and being resolved in seeing it through to the finish. As punishment for that attitude I have been disappointed by to many who have their own motives (profiting off of the tea party folks by selling them another book) or by some other method that frankly I don’t believe we have the time for. So I am sending this out to as many people as I can to see how many agree. As I said everybody will have a better idea but, a great idea that never went anywhere is not going to fix our problem. So please send your reply.

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