Gulag Night Streaming: Theresa Cao & Walter Fitzpatrick; State Persecution?

Gulag Night

Monday Nights, 10pm ET,,, 7-9pm PT this one, March 21st, 2011.

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Along with guest panelist, Sher Zieve, we welcome eligibility activist, Theresa Cao and corruption fighter, Walter Fitzpatrick. They know something of what it is to be Gulag Bound.

The Marxist mommies of Code Pink get off “free as a bird,” time after time, but Theresa?  Since she very briefly challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility in the House gallery, during the reading of the “natural born Citizen” clause of the Constitution, the prosecution and seeming persecution go on.

What was conspicuously “out of order” in Congress on this matter, was that Nancy Pelosi’s certification of Barack Obama as President was effectively rubber stamped by every single member of the immediately prior Congress, without one single request to merely validate his eligibility!  (The same for, Panama-born John McCain, for that matter.)  Not even celebrated constitution-head Ron Paul lifted a finger.

And Walt Fitzpatrick is out of the Monroe County, Tennessee Jail now, but the pitched battle between American principles and deep-seated corruption goes on, there.  Fitzpatrick will discuss the break-in to his home and his incarceration, also how the term “treason” applies.

Find out the latest from each and discover much more about yourself in America, 2011.


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And about Walt Fitzpatrick

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Hosts: Arlen Williams, Tallulah Starr, and CJ in TX

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