Eco-Scam & the United Nations; A Twenty Year Old Video Warning

This clip is being circulated lately and we are also finding a home for it in the Gulag.  Why?  Because some twenty years ago, it describes the kind of scenario that were are nearing, now.

Eco-Scam Clip, circa 1990, United Nations & the Rich Men of the Earth

Do you remember the massive, unprecedented scale of criminality of in the attempt to generate the Chicago Climate Exchange, just one year ago?  Do you recall how it would have further sapped away American wealth, on its massive scale?

Look at the robbery of American wealth through the mortgage and government debt bubbles, plus continued attempts at the kleptocracy of “Cap and Trade,” also the linking of these to the massively invasive Agenda 21, oceanic, food, water, and drug “emergency” mandates and related protocols.  They are making the kind of power moves described in this clip more and more plausible.  Instead of plausible, should we say obvious?

Not to see the plans and executions thereof, for global control is to be blind.

Couple this with the neo-Marxist plans for revolution described in the Cloward-Piven strategy and The Coming Insurrection, and we have what may be observed as the Failed State Strategy for America.  That is something we have written about in Gulag Bound.  Clearly, America (and recent earthquake victim, Japan) are in the way of global, collectivist hegemony.

Situational awareness is key.  Come, let us use freedom of speech, to fight back, in this Soft War against human sovereignties and freedoms.  Fight back hard.

Whether you refer to our enemy’s efforts as a return to Babel or a pseudoadvance to the beast and the anti-Christ, or whether you may call it the megalomania of “Pinky and the Brain,” we have no use of it.

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