Jack Cashill Deconstructing Obama on Fox & Friends this Friday 7:15am ET

The Book-TV presentation of Deconstructing Obama will be shown three times this upcoming weekend on C-SPAN II.   Check schedule for local times at http://cs.pn/eUrWpC or watch online at http://cs.pn/guailO

The beauty of C-SPAN is that it sends raw video information into America’s homes unedited. The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman has called the Internet “an open sewer of untreated, unfiltered information.” I suppose he could say the same of C-SPAN. To those of us who do not dwell in New York newsrooms, however, a sewer by any other name would smell as sweet.

Gulag Note – Here again is Jack’s presentation, streaming for you whenever you wish, as shown by C-SPAN2


  1. So Jack, in the end — since that’s how you like it — did this book do well, comparatively-speaking to your other “books?” And, how is “You Lie!:…” doing, is it still a fail too? You took the advice I gave to Proe & left the Oxford-comma out of title, however…I was messin’ with you! It’s appropriate when you’re making a list however redundant, and repetitive it is. Or, when it’s used parenthetically!

    You should stick to the pseudonym on your benghazi-truth, that’s anything but, blahg… Time to move on, or at least come out of the closet and flaunt your ProeG. pride. Amidon must be on the phone w/you all day, the idiAnt is lost w/out you on Twitter…that you don’t use…but that everyone’s only “…one awkwardly worded Tweet away from being branded with a scarlet letter…” L is yours for: “L”iar, and “L”oser! #Wink @jackcashill…

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