Restore the Republic Video Conference Live, Now

See, hear, and participate, here.

The conference is produced by Restore the Republic.  Gary Franchi and Danny Panzella are hosting.


Patrick Woods of The August Review, at roughly 3pm CT

Gulag Bound should be posting that interview soon.

Caveat & disclaimer: while does some very good work regarding topics including the manipulation of government, the Federal Reserve, , the UN, etc., many of those involved are also engaged in the 9-11 truther movement, on one level or another.  They also tend to be “doves” and isolationists.

This is not an endorsement of everything done by that site or group, which does constitute an important element of the pro-American defense against the global collectivist Soft War set against us.  We should be aware of the facts and opinions with which they deal, even some of the misinformation.

(And the usual disclaimer applies: scrutiny of central banking is not to be seen as, nor cooperate with antisemitism, nor anti-zionism.)

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