House Homeland Security Committee Hearings (Rep. Peter King, Chairman) Live, Streaming

Link to the Web site of the House Homeland Security Committee, Hearing on The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response:“-extent-radicalization-american-muslim-community-and-communitys-response”

The hearings are also being shown, live, repeated, and archived at C-SPAN:

My take:

It is clear that the radicalization of Muslims in America must be investigated, exposed, and countered.  The same, for white supremacists.  The same, for the neo-Marxist left and there’s the rub.  The Democrats in America have already been grossly indoctrinated in anti-American ideology and are being, increasingly, radicalized.

Therefore, these transnationalist, multiculturalist statists will not be inclined to explore methods by which, not only are many Muslims, and an alarming number of white supremacists irrationally indoctrinated and radicalized, but also the progressives themselves and in much, much larger proportion.

There is one exception, probably.  They may be interested in pursuing Janet Napolitano’s attempts at focusing upon those who are intent upon constitutionally bringing America back to constitutionality — especially those who uphold our Creator endowed and unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property with minimalist government involvement in our lives, otherwise.

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