Obama Goons Coming out Full-Force to Overturn 2010 Elections

Every day it is more and more obvious that the now fully Marxist/Leninist Democrat Party USA will never accept election results unless their members win.  Irrespective of the state of our nation, they are bound and determined to carry on their theft of our goods as their corrupt Unions continue to demand that taxpayers–who earn far less on average than do they–foot the bill for their grotesquely expansive lifestyles.  Therefore, using thuggery, refusal to do their jobs, threats of violence and implemented real violence they maintain their mugger stances of “If you don’t give us what we demand, you’ll get bloody!”  In fact, one US Marxist Party Congressional Rep. Mike Capuano (D-MA) told Wisconsin Union protesters:  “I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going. Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary!”  And another Wisconsin Marxist Party member, Gordon Hintz, in the middle of a State session shouted out to Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens “You’re f***ing dead!”

WI St. Rep. Gordon Hintz, Democrat, Oshkosh

Bussed in from other States, Unions take over–as they did in Wisconsin–State Houses, cause damage and leave their trash which can cost taxpayers additional Millions of dollars in clean-up.  Government Unions have government money (especially when their own Marxist Party is in charge) to overcome and squash the taxpayers who pay their salaries–if said taxpayers don’t give more of their blood to these vampires.  In Wisconsin, State Union members (government) make a minimum of 25% more than those in the private sector and, often, salaries and compensation for government Union members exceed double what those in the private sector are paid.  The government Unions, however, continue to tell us ‘If you don’t give us all or most of what you have, we’ll take over your businesses, come to your homes, intimidate your families and–if we need to–we’ll beat you into submission’!

Note: Although leftists continue to tell us the majority of polled people agree with the Unions’ stance, I seriously doubt taxpayers support the lunacy of being forced to pay others more than they earn for the same types of work.  In other words, just as before the 2010 elections, these heavily-leftist-weighted-polls are complete and sheer fantasy and totally phony.

The latest Leftist insanity comes with threats against Representative Peter King (R-NY) who is heading a team investigating Islamist terrorism in the USA.  Despite the fact that King has said at least hundreds of times that most Muslims in the US are “good people” and “patriotic” members of the US, Marxist/Leninist Democrat Party (of course including Muslims themselves) are now issuing death threats against King for having the audacity to dare investigate Islamist terrorism…that is still occurring in OUR country.  It seems these Muslims (including CAIR–an unindicted co-conspirator of the 9/11 slaughters) are making King’s points.  Like totalitarians everywhere, if they don’t like it…they try to kill it.

Look folks, unlike the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan–or any other wars we have ever fought in our country–the war we are now fighting comes from within and appears to have insidiously extended itself firmly into the White House and the other two branches of what was once our government.  It is a war We-the-People (the ones who still actually believe in the US Constitution) must win or we will surely die.  It’s just that simple and just that dire.  And…our time remaining to win it has almost run out.

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From Gulag Bound, Wisconsin’s State Rep. Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh, the “You’re f****n’ dead!” Democrat walking, cited in a prostitution investigation:
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    This is why the country is in the mess we are in. These are the typical people who support and vote for Democrats. Why do they vote this way. A simple answer of one word: “Entitlements”. The Party of Free!


    Video – Your typical Union member which Barack Obama backs 100% is seen threatening a Tea Party member at a rally:

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