Update: The No Union Pork T-Shirt, gone Che Pig



G u l a g    B o u n d

3/3/2011 …from CJ and Tallulah

CJ says it’s time to call “SEIUUUUUEEEEEEEEE” to all the AFL-SOWs!  It’s feedin’ time at the trough!

No pig in a poke, this is a real offer.

They are what the foppish Gulag Bound resistor is wearing, this Spring.  Purchase them in oneseys and twoseys , or in bulk, for Tea Party fund raising — even with the name of your group added.  And this copyrighted pigtoral profundity is available on other clothing and paraphernalia, too.  Just ask.

Nothing says, “We know who your Boss Hogs are,” like a No Union Pork shirt, complete with socialist fist.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to Communist comrade, Richard Trumka, is simply an act of God and perhaps his dietary habits.

Obama patting AFL-CIO's Marxist boss, Richard Trumka; photo from exposethemedia.com

Hmm… something about the ears though, reminds me of someone else….

Huh, anyway,  love the pig and show our CJ and Tallulah some love too — order yours today!

Tallulah’s art work is too fine in swine, don’t you think?  Anything but boaring.

OK, I’ll stop now.

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