Homosexual Lobby Pushes Far Beyond even Pseudomarriage

From James Simpson, DC Examiner

Radical Homosexual Agenda Seeks a Home in Maryland

Maryland legislators are today considering a bill to legalize gay “marriage” While it sells itself as an “equal rights” issue, nothing could be further from the truth. The Homosexual agenda is dark and dangerous. Opponents of the bill, including me, have been circulating the “Little Black Book” in emails to legislators. The Little Black Book is a training manual for gay sex distributed to middle and high school students in Massachusetts. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Homosexual agenda not only seeks to acclimatize children to sex and especially gay sex, but a significant portion of this movement seeks to legalize pedophilia, as thoroughly documented in an article titled The Shadow Sexual Revolution – the Push to Legalize Pedophilia. That it was a radical movement from its inception is beyond dispute. For example, American Communist Party activist Harry Hay was behind much of the early gay rights movement, and was an early champion of NAMBLA (the National Man Boy Love Association).


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