Obama: The Rights of the Many Denied by the Tyranny of the Few

While We-the-People of this formerly-and-to-be-again great nation every once in awhile need to take a break and a few hours rest from our mission of saving our country and defeating the enemies already firmly planted within our gates, Obama & Co continue legislation and executive fiats designed to destroy it.  Disastrously, evil never sleeps.

Since the 2010 elections, Obama & Co have actually picked up the pace of their assault on the United States of America.  Instead of listening to we the voters, Obama has chosen sides against us and is now almost shouting ‘Your elections do not count and never will mean anything at all unless you vote for me and my wants and desires!  You won’t nullify me–I’ll nullify you‘!   And…so he is doing it.  In mid-February, Obama first came out against recently elected  Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and We-the-People who elected him in favor of the unions who helped place Obama into the power over us all he enjoys today.  Then, as his poll numbers sank in all 50 States, Obama backed off and was quiet for a few days.  However, not able to keep his mouth shut, a few days ago Obama put on his Alinsky/Lenin community-organizer hat and jumped back into the mud with which he‘s familiar.

Obama at University of Chicago, on money & political power

As We-the-People (and once in a great while Fox News) are the only ones who have spoken out strongly against having to pay for government employees who now make more money than do we, Obama’s warning shot came for us when he said:  “I don’t think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified, or their rights are infringed upon.”  Denigrated and vilified?  Hold it.  Unlike your slathering bought-and-paid-for media, we told the truth about the situation.  And ‘rights’?   When did you Unions obtain the “rights” to steal from us in the first place and what “rights” do they have to now steal even more?  We are being forced to finance those government-school “teachers” who are now openly indoctrinating our children in both Marxism and Islam!  And we’re done with it and you.  That’s why the people of Wisconsin elected Governor Walker.

When was the exact date the rights of We-the-People were usurped and bludgeoned by the tyranny of the few?  Although it had been a long time coming–and we had ignored what was happening for too long–we are fully present and accounted for now, Mr. Obama, and most of us do not believe you are naïve.

By the way, are any of you as tired as am I of those commentators who continue to insist it’s Obama’s “inexperience” that creates all of the problems he causes or those who still say they “can’t figure out what he’s doing?”  If they would actually look and listen to what he’s doing and saying they would figure it out.  But, then I suspect they already know.

Mr. Obama, we know you were trained by your masters to destroy us and our country, in order for the ruling elite to rise up, rule over and squash us.  But, we’re not ready to be defeated.  In fact, we plan to win this war against us begun by you and your cronies.  And as you, your family and Marxist friends take extravagant after more extravagant vacations on our money and continue to host your weekly hedonistic parties at what was once our White House, we are planning your defeat and our return to both our Republic and our liberty.  While you play the libertine and then hire the very Muslim Brotherhood members sworn to destroy us, we are increasingly turning back to God and His counsel.  We have protested peacefully, thus far.  However, as you and your minions carry on your increase of destruction, dictatorial dominance and stranglehold over us and our country–and then vilify and demean us when we balk at our bondage–we become less peaceful every day.  Sir, you are neither our king nor our master and it is becoming clearer every day that you may not even be our legitimate president.

Rasmussen shows that polling for Obama’s leadership capabilities are at an all time low of 37%…which more than likely means it’s even lower than that.  Yet there are still RINOs and Obama sycophants out there who continue–in similar fashion to Baghdad Bob for Saddam Hussein–to pretend and say “Obama will be hard to beat in 2012.”  Note:  That’s only if his criminal enterprise’s election fraud unit is markedly increased and no one works to stop it.

We have reached the tipping point, folks.  This current lunacy of oppression can no longer be tolerated.  It’s time.  Soon we will hear from our own mouths and all of our communities “Let’s roll!”

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  1. Why? Why? Do we give aid to foreign aid to countries who hate us? Obama can send money overseas to countries who hate us but we can’t drill for our OWN oil ! Pathetic!


  2. Your closet Muslim President is funneling hundreds of millions of dollars $$ of our money to rebuild mosques all over the world. No mentioned of doing the same for churches or synagogues.



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