Video: Who da Mob? Ask Wisconsin’s Senator Glenn Grothman; Mobbed Today

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Feel free to send this to others, so they can see the real nasty mob in the streets.  And, they have just begun to mob.

Video 3/1, “Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman chased, trapped by hecklers,
saved by Dem. Rep. Brett Hulsey

Without loudspeakers, the prog hive seems only able to communicate effectively in chants.  Ants, bees, schooling fish, and wildebeest by comparison, seem much more efficient in their collective endeavors.

I have met Sen. Glenn Grothman and can tell you they picked the right “target.”  He is the best in the Wisconsin State Senate.

Marxist Symbolism of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO

Notice how they can’t divorce themselves from the old anarcho-communist black and red, while they manage to pick up the Obama/UN royal blue.  As you may have seen, along with Trevor Loudon (and CPUSA) we have pegged overall AFL-CIO boss, Richard Trumka as the communist collaborator he is.  Oh, and who else uses a single, five-pointed star in their symbology? And I don’t mean Texas.

Here is Sen. Grothman laying it on the line with Chris Obama-Leg Matthews, a few days ago.

Video posted 2/22/2011: “Glen(n) Grothman Schools Chris Matthews

Peace, man.


  1. Please vote! The Governor of Wisconsin needs your help now. Please forward this to your friends for a vote also:

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