My Favorite Madison Signs, Sign Holder, and Photographer

Signs of the time, from last Saturday’s pro-liberty, pro-survival counter-protest in Madison, Wisconsin.  You may give the photos two sets of clicks, if you wish to enlarge them.

Although the rally began at Noon, I got there at about two p.m. and stayed till about six.  The speakers had spoken, but I was more interested in the protesters on each side.  When I got to the site of the Stand by Scott Walker crowd, I found a photographer taking this picture.  Kindly, my request to be emailed with that and any others was granted.

If you see these portraits on cartons of fine Wisconsin (or Illinoisan) milk, you will know why.

Along with the following picture came this.

“Good luck to us. I hope we can push back socialism. My daughter, who is holding up the yellow
sign in photo 0385, was born in Russia. We brought her and our son out of that former communist
hell hole and it is sad to see what has been happening in the U.S., especially the last two years.”

I believe there is a voice calling from beyond those of this photographer, this precious daughter and her son, and whatever coarse words I may add.  I believe it comes from one who brought about this little encounter among many. last Saturday.  May we listen.


No more need be said nor shown, but below are a few more of our special compatriot’s photos and you may be interested in a couple offerings, submitted among the many articles focused upon this point in the nation’s geography and history.

After Action Reflections: Madison Demonstrations, this Saturday,” February 19

Why Wisconsin? Warning: History,” February 22

photos: D.A. Schroeder, please credit and link back if you use


  1. All this chaotic activity in WI and other states is TREASON. It presents a clear and present danger to our soldiers by giving solace to our enemies who desire to see Americans as a mob in chaos in the gutters like those rock throwers overseas.. It puts extra stress on our soldiers and not fair at all.

    What is wrong with American people that they don’t understand it is the duty of us at home to see that things run quiet and smooth on behalf of those willing to die for us.

    It is wartime and there are rules for American citizens.

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