Obama, Dems & Union Thugs: Elections Matter Only if Democrats Win

Red diaper baby grown up, Obama fondling AFL-CIO's CPUSA collaborating boss, Richard Trumka; photo, exposethemedia.com

Lest anyone outside of the USA (and some badly educated within it) think that what is happening in Wisconsin is American (aka Jeffersonian) “democracy”–it is not.  What is now occurring in that State and is threatened to occur in other US States is nothing more than union thuggery; a thuggery inspired and supported by the US Dictator-and-Marxist-Organizer-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.

Note: For our overseas affiliates, this is a prime example of the Marxist-Leninist-Obama-and-minions “leadership” mindset of “Elections only matter if we win!  Otherwise, we can forcefully overthrow them.  The rights and desires of the voters mean nothing if we’re not in power!”

With the latest support of his political thugs in Wisconsin, Obama has–once again–come out against a US state.  The last one was Arizona.  See… here’s the problem, folks.  We’re broke and Obama and his unions made us that way!   In unprecedented modalities, the Obama cabal has transferred trillions of our dollars out of the country in order to give it–we strongly suspect–to their one-world governance buddies (aka New World Order).

Note:  Obama gave his New World Order speech in Berlin on 24 July 2008.

The problem many of our States now face is there is no more money left to play with and darned little to pay the bills.  However, Obama and the teachers’ unions (and as many other union members as the thugs could bus in from outside of Wisconsin–on taxpayer money) are screaming, shouting and tacitly threatening violence if Wisconsin private sector employees do not continue to work harder in order to pay for union members lifestyles.  In fact, in an MacIver Institute study the average compensation for a Milwaukee Public School; teacher was shown to top $100,000.00–and that’s for nine months only!   But, still teachers’ union avarice and corruption rear their ugly heads as the teachers continue to refuse to work until the State of Wisconsin (that is without funds largely due to Obama and his unions who have bled the state dry) bow to their inane demands and have now even hired Marxist “doctors” to write medical excuses for their absences from work.  This is criminal, folks.  But, a totally criminal enterprise is what the Marxist-Democrat Party has now become.

Since The Obama beast arrived–tragically–and took up residence in our country’s White House, this is what many of us have become–bands of thugs attempting to suck our country’s blood when they have already bled us dry.  And now, Harry Reid and his master Obama are also demanding their same wild spending–that got us in this mess in the first place–continue. 

Note:  You folks who voted for and still support these crooked imbeciles must be so proud.

Our country is dying and Obama, the Marxist-Leninist Democrats and their insatiable union thugs–whose motto is apparently “everyone except us  must suffer and support us!”–continue their now-treasonous siege on our country.  It’s time to stop them–one way or another.  Otherwise, we all die.  The problem, of course, is that too many refuse to see truth.  But, then, that’s always been the biggest problem for humankind.

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