Soros, Egypt, Ghonim, Google & the Alliance for Youth Movements: Net 2.0 Becoming the Insurrection

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Youth, High Tech and the Fundamental Change that is Revolution

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard many ask who was behind the Egyptian Revolution. Few will admit what should be obvious to all by now. Forces that I consider to be nothing short of evil have joined in what they see as their ‘chance’ to bring down the West and capitalism; to replace it with their given ideology du jour… Whether it be Islamofascism, Socialism, Communism or a progressive mixture of a number of isms, they look to ring the death knell of Western society and bring it down through glorious revolution and chaos. And the international dominoes have started to fall.

The Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions did not just spontaneously erupt. No… They are well planned, drawn out, militant efforts to bring about revolutionary change on a global scale. This will be done using the Internet and the young, who will be manipulated into revolt, with either legitimate causes, manufactured wrongs or a combination of both. Enter The Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM). From The Daily Bell:

The latest and most astonishing global gambit is called AYM and Wikipedia provides us some information about the group, as follows: “The Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) began with a December 2008 summit in New York City to identify, convene, and engage 21st century movements online for the first time in history. The United States Department of State partnered with Facebook, Howcast, MTV, Google, YouTube, AT&T, JetBlue, Gen-Next, Access 360 Media, and Columbia Law School to launch a global network and empower young people mobilizing against violence and oppression.”

According to Wikipedia, “Founders of AYM include Jared Cohen, former advisor to both Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton and now Director of Google Ideas at Google, Jason Liebman, CEO and co-founder of Howcast and Roman Tsunder, co-founder of Access 360 Media. Speakers at the 2008 summit included actress Whoopi Goldberg, Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz, The Obama Campaign’s New Media Team, and then-current Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs of the United States James K. Glassman.”

I absolutely stand in awe and abject fear of the brilliance of this movement. Look who has been pulled together above. A savvy combination of youth from 18 countries, celebrities, government, politics and high tech – all mixed into one revolutionary brew. Think it can’t happen in America? Think again. Think the government won’t silence the Internet if riots break out here? You are deluding yourself. It was one of the first things Egypt did in a vain attempt to stop the revolt. Algeria silenced the Internet this morning as 10s of thousands started rioting in their streets. Obama now has an Internet kill switch, he is just itching to use. More from The Daily Bell:

At the opening reception last night, hosted at Google’s headquarters, I met a smart bunch of people from organizations such as Blue State Digital (which ran Obama’s online campaign), Howcast, Middle East peace activists One Voice, and the East London-based Young Foundation. But the highlight is an A-list bunch of conference speakers at the conference today and tomorrow – including Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP, Scott Heiferman of MeetUp, as well as top people from Google, YouTube and the World Bank. Other keynote speakers include Jeremy Gilley, the former actor who founded Peace One Day, and Joe Rospars, who was the new-media director for Obama for America.

There’s strong representation here from Washington DC. This morning, Jared Cohen, of the US State Department, moderated a session titled Seizing the Moment: Responding to Crises and Mobilizing Around Key Events. That had speakers from Mobile Accord, Ushahidi, Mazahery Law, AccessNow and the Censorship Research Center. I’m now sitting in a session called Turning Video into Tangible Action, featuring experts such as Ramya Raghaven of YouTube, Levi Felix of Causecast, and Chris Sarette, Invisible Children …

Beginning to see the scope here? Americans have been out-foxed by their government who all along has been pulling together the makings of a movement that would start revolts in the Middle East and move throughout Europe and then strike at home, culminating in a New World Order. Call me crazy, but it is as clear as anything I have ever seen. While we have been working and taking care of our families, our politicians have been planning for our glorious future of bowing down before our elitist overlords. What is the end game? Well, if I had to wager, worldwide chaos and when it all falls down, a chosen few will be there to pick up the pieces of wealth and power to shape an uber-form of Communism that will be attempted worldwide. Conspiracy theory you say? I call it a very well-planned international coup.

If any real journalists had scratched the surface even a tiny bit and researched the connections behind the Egyptian revolt, they would have found it most enlightening. You have the Google exec, Wael Ghonim, who utilized Facebook to bring thousands into the streets and set himself up as a political martyr if need be. You have the youth groups along with Ghonim who support ElBaradei and by default, the Muslim Brotherhood. And who do you find financing such groups? Well, our old friend George Soros of course. He and ElBaradei both sit on the International Crises Group board of trustees.

It would seem that Soros’ Center for American Progress has been behind the majority of lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill for Egyptian ‘free’ elections. Soros has also invested heavily in India with Google and in the Palestinian territories. His financial and political fingerprints are everywhere concerning chaos and revolt. Of course all done in the name of philanthropy, while sowing the seeds of violent revolution.

But it’s not just Soros. You will find Barack Obama’s trail behind all this as well. From his urging Mubarak to step down, to the curious event of the Egyptian military heads being AT the White House when the Egyptian revolt began. To Mubarak stepping down on the same date as the Shaw of Iran did in 1979. I don’t believe in coincidence.

As the political chess board lays in ruins across the globe, you will see a chain effect of revolts occurring. As Glenn Beck put it, it is the coming insurrection. And it has been in the making for decades. If we don’t stop this, the elite and the UN will control the world and our fortunes. Freedom will no longer exist the way we have known it. King-makers will anoint the chosen few and it will not be the common man. A geopolitical line in the sand is being drawn. I’ve chosen my side. The elites can go to hell… As for me, I’d be “going to Texas” if that was where today’s Alamo was.

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