Conservative Dividing Line: Sovereignty vs. Transnationalism, e.g., Grover Norquist

Multinational trade agreements bring extranational, incrementally treasonous government. Because agreements must be enforced, these provide a vehicle for one-world statism.

There is a lot of buzz in the conservative air this week, over what may be considered either corruptive or divisive in the ranks, at the current CPAC conference.  From any moment to the next, it may be about one group’s promotion of homosexuality, or another man’s, Grover Norquist’s, apparent Islamist activism, in conjunction with his Muslim wife.

Norquist at CPAC, 2010

Norquist has done much good, but his aims and influence are exemplary of what has been harmful and corruptive in conservatism for a very long while.  That is not because of his marital relations, but because he is married to unbalanced transnationalism.  And though he is touted as a principal force for small government conservatism and big tent unity, he opens the door to the biggest government of all and thus becomes a very divisive factor, indeed.  Not to worry though, this is not a personal diatribe.  With your permission, a much broader point is to be made, featuring him only for the example.

Knowingly or not, Mr. Norquist is an operative for unifying conservatives to conserve the path to selling out America, by the century old, relativist, communitarian, and globalist model of the likes of J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, Henry Ford, the Bush family, etc.  And now, this plan is nearly complete, with George Soros, Maurice Strong, and Ban Ki-moon, two nation destroying Marxists and one more coy in his rhetoric, leading the way.  (And as good Marxists, of course they have used their Soviet and Nazi trained Islamists among their many pawns, coincidentally for Norquist – Soviet linkSoviet linkNazi links.)  These globalist Marxists view small government transnationalists as dupes, because that is what they are.  And that is so, because where national sovereignty is broken down, global governance is there, to fill the vacuum as if by physics, but please hold that thought.

The fact of Norquist’s Islamist activism is just a toss-in, here (chronological links: 1, 2, 3, 4).  To wrap-up the distastefully personal display of one man as a prime example of so many who place blind faith in the business is good business, wherever you find it model, still so prevalent in the Republican Party:

  • He is a longstanding member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has ceased to be private about its goals of destroying national sovereignty in favor of global government.
  • While he does not lead with it, behind the curtains, he and his fellow brokers of grass-roots activists’ power and twenty-five dollar checks, pull levers in favor of as many globalist trade agreements and policies for the fictitiously extranational status of American-licensed corporations as one can count.  (Or, of formerly American businesses.)  The excuse for transferring our nation’s economic value overseas is always, of course, the big bad liberals’ big bad taxes.  How much better, when the straw man is a real villain?
  • Wealth and production dumping to China, and their favored nation status?  Norquist has joked about how he channels the grass-roots stance against that, against itself.
  • Has he come out against the foreign welfare of Free Trade Zones on American land, as we deteriorate from First World status?  One has Web searched and has not found it.
  • In keeping with the above, he is pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants, which, as James Simpson has explored, is in keeping with the Cloward-Piven model of overrunning the misguided generosity of American government and collapsing it.

How is this irrational habit pattern to be described?

Whether they realize it or not, operators such as this, functionally if not by ideology, are transnational progressives on the vanguard, wolves to herd the sheep.  And their big tent is so huge, it stretches over a false vision of a unified yet somehow free world. Such conservatives find themselves supporting communitarians such as George W. Bush, who inadvertently (or by plan from the outset ) wind up supporting more and more suzerainty to world empire.  But, if not the wolf and sheep allusion, does it smell fishy?

Transnationalism becomes global communitarianism, becomes worldwide communism, as the little fish nations are gobbled up by the manipulative, big fish seekers of absolute, New World Order power; all, while that ultimate power corrupts absolutely.  (If “communism” sounds extreme, just call it collectivism, neo-Marxism, or Marxofascism; it is the same.  Or, if you don’t like the more recently coined words, find the root and call it Babel.)

Now, thankfully, we have gotten well beyond a singling out of the illustrative Mr. Norquist — plenty of fish in the sea of the power brokering of conservatives’ hard work and trust.  But where ranks the salvaging of our very existence as a free nation, on the list of CPAC priorities?

Overriding or deconstructing the fact of the American nation is treason and we have been warned about it from all prior generations.  Realizing this shows we need a new paradigm in the Soft War against American Sovereignties* — the real paradigm.  Words without an objective core, such as “conservative” and “liberal” do not fit American vs. anti-American conflict.  Conservative transnational… conservative communitarian… please.

The true contest breaks between those who stand for authentic America’s Sovereignties and resultant freedoms,* versus those who uphold any number of bait-on-the-hook ideals of globalism and for whom America is in the way and must be “fundamentally transformed,” inevitably reduced, like a sauce in the pan.

U.N. dove imagery becomes a grasping hand in the Agenda 21 logo.

So, CPAC activists and C-word onlookers: what do you know, of what have you warned others, about the global, “sustainable development” plan of Agenda 21?  It is being imposed upon our local neighborhoods, after all.  “Think globally, act locally” is no mere bumper sticker notion.

What of the rest of the standards of violence to our nation, such as the “Global Governance 2025” plan, or the “Law of the Sea Treaty?”  “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?”  Or, “Treaty on Small Arms?”  How about the U.N. Convention on the “Rights of the Child,”  or their efforts for a global “Treaty on Women?”  Or, have you glanced at what our dictatorially imposed “czar” infrastructure is doing, to connect with global governance and “seize the future?”  There is more.

We must realize the war waged against us and… fight that war. Determine who would truly represent us, through dynamically renewing America, of, by, and for our Sovereignties, then push with those spearheads. Know and warn of the real threat, because it has “progressed” much further than a threat.  If we activists fail to change accordingly, we charge into the burning store we run, only to change the clothing on the mannequins in the windows.

The Republican Party, along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the bed of corruption that is the Managed Funds Association, as many institutions, NGO’s, and SIG’s, must be enlightened and reformed, disciplined to reality and truth, or be politically and legally purged — or be replaced.  Our entire view of the world and ourselves in it, must be refined in reality.

Too many gave their lifeblood, for this soft insurrection to continue without our lives put on the line seeing where the line must be drawn.

If we fail, where else will the war be fought?

Americans, be Americans.  The whole world needs us to be Americans.


* The American Sovereignties include:

  • Individual sovereignty, as free moral agents by natural law, under and responsible to God
  • Family and parental sovereignty
  • The autonomy of the Church
  • the sovereignties of state and in some ways, local governmental concerns (e.g., Sheriffs)
  • National sovereignty, including the People’s investment in our U.S. Constitution, fixed squarely upon our definitively national Declaration of Independence

They all must remain, hard, fast, and true, if “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Graphic, “Fish Eating Fish Eating…” by Frits Ahlefeldt

Arlen Williams coordinates publishing of the Webzine, Gulag Bound and has administrated the blog, Investigating Obama. Prior to this, he was an organizer of electoral action in Illinois and Wisconsin, while maintaining a career in technology sales. Arlen addresses the Marxofascist soft war for global empire, against authentic America and freedom and sovereignty worldwide, suggesting overwhelming First Amendment warfare in return.

He asks you to communicate with your neighbors, and to confront our politicians and candidates with “The Three SOVEREIGNTY NOW Questions.”

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  1. Well said… truth always bubbles to the surface. It is men like this that break the ice and make for that needed exposure.

    • Thank you. IMHview, this must be noised up to a din, which is why I wrote this.

      The conservative movement and the Tea Party desperately needs to understand we are at war – and that many multinational corporations are in league with the global Marxists. State-directed business is corporatism and that is fascism.

      Together they run the CFR, Aspen Institute, etc., and the “business” side has great inroads in controlling the GOP, partially through NGO’s, SIG’s, and their PAC’s (yes, even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, also the libertarian ops. are tainted, such as Cato Institute) and their MO is to co-opt all conservative grassroots movements.

      That has effectively and perhaps by job description, been the task of people who do what Grover Norquist does. His Islamism connection is just more confirmation. They are cultural relativists, not carrying a Bible based worldview.

  2. There are so many of these CREEPS and DECEIVERS in both parties, how do we EVER GET RID OF THEM? They seem to becoming entrenched in the GOP and NOBODY but fine journalists on the internet are getting these facts out to the public….and most of the public doesn’t do the detail work of reading on the internet like some of us do! Great work here Mr. Williams!

  3. Come out from the beltway and learn what is happening in America, o conservative punditry.

  4. It is my fervent prayer that Grover Norquist and all others of his stamp be exposed for the traitors that they are. If you want to know the treasonous duplicity that Grover Norquist is guilty of, I suggest that you visit:

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