Gay Rights, ‘Evil Angel,’ & the Age of Moral Suicide

Before he joined Democratic Rep. Barney Frank in calling for almost $1 trillion in cuts to the national defense budget, Ron Paul was one of only five Republicans in the House of Representatives voting to force open and active homosexuals into the military forces. It was another indication that President Obama’s radical “progressive” agenda is moving forward, this time with the support of America’s leading libertarian Republican. Paul won the presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington this year.

In addition to gays in the military, the agenda includes sanctioning gay marriage across the land, forcing acceptance of homosexuality in the schools, and lifting the ban on gay blood. Eventually, as British Conservative Party activist Nick Herbert told the pro-gay libertarian Cato Institute, the objective is to get gays elected as president of the United States and Prime Minister of Britain. The “conservatives” in Britain have totally sold out to the gay rights lobby. Christian preachers there are being arrested for speaking out against homosexuality.

The Paul that draws a much different kind of constituency in these perilous times is the Apostle Paul, whose letter to the Christian church of Rome (Romans 1: 26, 27) condemned homosexuality as dishonorable, unnatural, and shameful. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) is not afraid to cite the Apostle Paul, one of the founders of Christianity, as his authority in this area.

LaBarbera is one of those brave few taking a leadership role in the effort to preserve traditional American social and religious values. Fighting off the predictable smears of “hater” and “homophobe” from the gay-run Media Matters group and the Southern Poverty Law Center, he and his associates will be gathering near Chicago from August 5-7 to educate the next generation—and their parents—about the consequences if homosexuality is promoted in the schools and by the federal government. This is when AFTAH is launching a Truth Academy on how to fight the “gay agenda.” I am honored to be invited to be a part of this effort. I will be discussing gay influence on the media and the homosexual drive for the “right” to donate possibly infected and contaminated blood to the nation’s blood supply.

Adults and young people alike are encouraged to sign up for this much-needed effort to organize the pro-family forces in America. The issue is just as important as the massive debt and deficits that are threatening to financially bankrupt the nation. The cost to attend the AFTAH Truth Academy is only $99 for students, $199 for adults, and $299 for couples.

A tentative list of instructors is proof that the three-day event will provide all of the evidence you need to understand that acceptance of homosexuality is not only a health hazard to those practicing this “lifestyle” but a historical indicator that our society is going down the drain. As such, you will leave the event convinced that the moral bankruptcy of America has to be avoided, in the same way that we need to keep our nation’s fiscal house in order. The Tea Party, in other words, has to take on a moral dimension. Our crisis is more than money alone.

The Libertarian Cancer

The issue has taken on more importance because there are far too many conservatives, some of whom parade under the banner of “libertarianism,” prepared to believe that being homosexual is like being left-handed. One-time conservative columnist George Will offered that opinion on ABC’s “This Week” program as he was bashing opponents of gays in the military as unintelligent. In the process he demonstrated his own lack of moral strength and stamina.

Others, like Grover Norquist and Tucker Carlson, have signed on to the gay rights cause with a Republican label, under the guise of such groups as GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans. They want the Republican Party to be more like the Democratic Party, a recipe for national suicide and a message to Christian conservatives that they should recede into the closet. Otherwise, they may face arrest.

In this context, the Apostle Paul makes a lot more sense—and has more authority—than Ron Paul. The disciple and contemporary of Jesus Christ condemned homosexual behavior as a sin “against nature” and the deadly diseases that continue to wreak havoc on the gay community prove that he had a point and was correct, irrespective of the religious nature of his comments. The medical and scientific evidence cannot be ignored. But it is not politically correct these days to blame the gays for the consequences of the behavior that they engage in. Instead, “homophobia” is to blame.

As noted by Bible scholar William Barclay, Paul’s remarks seemed, at first glance, like the work of “some almost hysterical moralist” at the time. But it was “an age of moral suicide,” Barclay said, explaining that “Society from top to bottom was riddled with unnatural vice. Fourteen out of the first fifteen Roman Emperors were homosexuals.”

We haven’t reached that state of affairs in America quite yet. But we are fast approaching it.

Consider that on Friday U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that pornographer John Stagliano and his appropriately named “Evil Angel Productions” could avoid a jury trial on violating the nation’s obscenity laws. The judge simply decided to drop the charges after the prosecutors began their case and before the defense presented any rebuttal.

Ruling for “Evil Angel” Smut Peddler

Patrick Trueman, chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section in the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) under Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush, told me “It is highly unusual—almost never heard of—for a judge to dismiss an obscenity case after the prosecution presents its case.” He is currently heading the Coalition for the War on Illegal Pornography, which is a loose-knit coalition of dozens of local, state, and national groups that are working to expose the harm from pornography and demanding that the DOJ enforce the federal obscenity laws.

The material at issue in the “Evil Angel” case is so disgusting and offensive that it is not advisable in print to describe its graphic nature. His reputation as the “Buttman” should give you some indication of what he is interested in. His films mostly involve what is called “anal fetishism.” Bluntly speaking, it appeals to perverts. The idea that this material has no harmful consequences defies common sense.

But common sense—in the sense of “I know obscenity when I see it”—is precisely what the judge in the case prohibited the jury from deciding. It was judicial activism of the worst order.

The name “Evil Angel” was appropriate for this kind of company. The fallen angel in the Bible was Satan himself. Using such a title is comparable to Saul Alinksy dedicating his “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer, which is actually what he did. Can they be more open and honest about their objectives?

Yet, the Washington Post portrayed Stagliano as a good family man, noting that he is a “married father.” The liberal paper forgot to mention that he practices what he preaches and is now paying the price. He says that he and his wife, a former porn star, are both HIV positive. Anal sex is the most likely source for HIV transmission and this is what “Buttman” has glorified in his films. It is also what characterizes the disease-ridden gay male lifestyle.

The national Libertarian Party, just back from the “Freedom Fest” in Las Vegas, issued a press release in advance of the scheduled trial saying that the court proceeding against “Evil Angel” was unconstitutional. The release noted at the very end that “John Stagliano has been a donor to the Libertarian National Committee.” Stagliano, who Lives in Malibu, California, in a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is also a donor to the libertarian Reason Foundation and the Cato Institute. He provides them with big bucks and in return they defend him as a modern-day Thomas Jefferson.

On the Fox Business Network (FBN), libertarian host John Stossel and his guest, Andrew Napolitano, who has since been rewarded with his own program on FBN, had denounced the attempt to prosecute Stagliano, saying there should be no laws on the books against obscenity. They didn’t say whether they believed, as the ACLU does, that child pornography should be legal as well. But that is the logical extension of their arguments.

A Gay Time for Gay Rights

Antique Gay Liberation ButtonOn the gay rights front, things are also moving forward for the progressives and their libertarian brethren. In fact, the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute boasts that Obama has already appointed a “record number” of openly LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) individuals. Perhaps we are catching up with Rome more quickly than anybody realizes.

But don’t get the idea that these people are serving just so they can prove they can do the job and be left alone. They are in positions of power for a reason. Their “job” is to use the power of the federal government to promote homosexuality. One of the most significant appointments is John Berry as the director of the Office of Personnel Management, with jurisdiction over 1.9 million federal employees and 2.5 million retirees.

Tragically, while the gays continue to expand their “rights” in the government and private sectors, they are killing themselves in greater numbers—and pushing policies that threaten the lives of the rest of us. This is where we need real “compassionate conservatism”—not to condemn these people but save them from themselves. And save ourselves and our children in the process.

Gays Killing Each Other

The new “National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States” from the Obama Administration is honest enough to note that “Roughly three-fourths of HIV/AIDS cases in the United States are among men, the majority of whom are gay and bisexual men.” The report also says, “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gay men comprise approximately 2 percent of the U.S. population, but 53 percent of new infections.”

In other words, so-called “safe sex” education has been a dismal failure.

Nevertheless, the gays are demanding the “right” to donate blood, no matter what the consequences, and federal agencies and departments under Obama’s control are moving to lift the ban on gay male blood in the nation’s blood supply. Although one federal committee has voted to retain the ban, another body, the Blood Products Advisory Committee, is meeting on July 26-27 to re-examine the matter.

These and other issues will be addressed at the upcoming AFTAH Truth Academy on the homosexual problem.

A keynote speaker at the upcoming AFTAH event is Robert Knight, the conservative journalist and author of the excellent book, Radical Rulers, which analyzes what is happening to the U.S. under Obama and his “czars.” One chapter concerns Kevin Jennings, a homosexual activist appointed to a top post in the Department of Education in charge of “safety” for the schools of America. In fact, he is actively promoting acceptance of the gay lifestyle under the smokescreen of “teaching tolerance” and providing “anti-bullying” messages. He has said his inspiration was Harry Hay, the Communist who founded the modern gay rights movement in America and was an active supporter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association.

We have not heard much about Jennings lately, but Mary Grabar has just written an excellent report about what he has been up to. It turns out that Jennings and his collaborators are pushing their twisted agenda across the country behind such labels as “Conflict Resolution Education” and “emotional intelligence.”

Another analyst who hasn’t been fooled is Candi Cushman of Focus on the Family, who points out that “safe schools” is a cover for promoting homosexuality.

While Focus on the Family has a “True Tolerance” project to help parents combat the gay agenda targeting their kids, Peter LaBarbera of AFTAH is more of a street fighter who goes on the offensive in ways that expose the gay rights agenda for what it truly represents—disease and death. One of his new projects is a campaign to save the job of a University of Illinois professor, Dr. Kenneth Howell, who was fired because he dared to state the position of the Catholic Church to one of his students concerning the gay lifestyle. He was accused of a hate crime for simply stating the Catholic position.

Catholic Professor Fired

University of Illinois SealYou may recognize the name of the University of Illinois. As Robert Knight points out in his book, Radical Rulers, this is the same place that has Obama friend and associate William Ayers, the former terrorist leader, on the faculty of education. Ayers endorsed a book on Queering Elementary Education that included a foreword written by Jennings. Knight says the book features an essay about an eight-year-old-girl named Steph, who “attends queer events with her parents’ friends, is taught about masturbation, and whose mom is attracted to the same 12-year-old-girl as Steph.”

All of this is perfectly all right, say the progressives and libertarians. They say we must accept all of this in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity” and “live and let live.” Except for the fact that disease and death result. This is something they cannot ignore.

Most disappointing has been the reaction to all of this by the Catholic Church in America, which of course has its own homosexual problem.

Helen Alvare, an Associate Professor of Law at George Mason University and an advisor to Pope Benedict XVI’s Pontifical Council for the Laity, once served as a spokesperson for the U.S. Catholic Bishops. She has written in detail about the Jennings record of promoting homosexuality to young people and cites the well-documented case of Jennings’ Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) instructing students ages 14-21 about a homosexual practice called “fisting.” The AIM Report covered this outrageous story back in 2000, nine years before Obama decided he wanted Jennings to run his “save schools” project.

After examining other aspects of the Jennings’ record, Alvare said not only should Jennings be ousted from his post in the Education Department, but that the American people should “demand that the government get out and stay out of the business of instructing our children about human sexuality in ways that degrade them specifically as children, and also as human beings.”

When I asked Alvare why the U.S. Catholic Bishops haven’t demanded Jennings’ firing, she replied that they “stay away” from presidential appointments and other matters considered “partisan.” She said she disagreed with that approach in this case “because it’s not partisan” and involved a matter of presidential policy. “But I wouldn’t look there for a ruckus,” she said.

No ruckus over Jennings, but the Bishops, on the other hand, will vigorously lobby for national health care legislation and amnesty for illegal aliens. No wonder the nation is committing moral suicide.

There is some hope for the Catholic Church, however. It comes from those who attend the services and put money in the collection plate that finances the activities of the Bishops and their mostly liberal staff. Some Catholics have taken offense at the University of Illinois’ firing of Professor Kenneth Howell for expressing the Catholic belief that homosexuality is a disordered lifestyle and have launched a “Save Dr. Ken” Facebook page.

Perhaps the Bishops can even be persuaded to issue a statement supporting this Catholic professor. It will be up to the pew sitters to take a stand with their money and voices.

Cliff Kincaid is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and can be contacted at


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