Troublesome Turkey, Supporting the Gaza Flotilla Terrorists while Seeking NWO Stake (and/or Caliphate?)

Ottoman Empire in 1683, map from Wikipedia

A column in The Telegraph explores Turkey’s role in the Gaza Flotilla and how that seems to fly in the face of its recent ambitions to be a full-fledged NATO partner.  She appears to be bending to the pull of Islamism, while being aided by that longstanding nefarious force in “The Great Game,” Russia — plus, the very New World Orderish Brazil.

Rather than taking your time with redundant explanations, we present the material.

In The Telegraph

Turkey’s role in the Gaza flotilla affair should worry us all in the West

Ankara is losing patience after being rebuffed in its attempts to join the EU, writes Con Coughlin.

June, 2010

Excerpt, the article’s conclusion:

Consequently, a country that was once the sick man of Europe has become the angry man of the East. The fear now is that it may become another Pakistan, and the frustrations of millions of frustrated secular Muslims may lead them down the path of Islamist radicalisation.

Die-hard supporters of Kemal Ataturk’s secular post-First World War settlement have always scoffed at the prospect of Turkey ever adopting the hard-line Islamist ideology that prevails on the other side of its border with Iran. But they would do well to note that many of those involved in arranging the Gaza flotilla have close ties to radical Islamic groups such as Hamas.

Certainly the West cannot afford to ignore Turkey’s disturbing involvement in the whole affair. Its geographical location alone makes it imperative that it remains a close and valued ally, and is not allowed to drift to the wilder shores of Islamist extremism.

And, from last May, in the Khaleej Times Online and AFP:Russia Seals Deal for Turkey’s Nuclear Power Plant.

And here, America’s own terrorists, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and perhaps their friends in the White House wouldn’t want you to see this, but that will hardly stop us.

Following is a thorough and pert explanation of Israel’s right and international legitimacy in establishing its Gaza blockade.  Sarah Weiss Maudi of Israel’s Foreign Ministry explains that Gaza is not Israeli occupied territory, but a separate state in military conflict with Israel, as an agent of Hamas.  Thus, a blockade is recognized as an conventional military act.  The article wrapped around the video shown below is entitled “Is the Blockade Legal?” and awaits your attention at the site, Flotilla Facts.

Video, 5/27/2010, “MFA Legal Expert on Gaza Aid

Turkey, it may be said, is caught in the same dilemma facing Egypt and nearly all Muslim nations.  Do they follow their mullah-inflamed people, who wish, in turn, to follow the violent imperatives and eschatological letter of the Koran, or do they ignore the devils in those details, to live in peace with other nations?

The even more disturbing aspect of all this is the pressure of transnational, Marxofascist, NWO socioeconomics, plus the militant Marxist-infused Islamist agitators, which really do seem to be working in conjunction, towards the Islamist’s stated desire of Muslim empire.

Why would the NWO power players want that?  Because of course, the bigger the empire, the closer the world is to singularly controlled government — just as long as the Islamofascists directing it are NWO Islamofascists.  Globalist funded Marxists have not done all their Muslim terrorist training over so many decades, for nothing.  But even so, one imagines it difficult for a Muslim caliphate to be willingly enveloped by a non-Islamist New World Order.  Just look at Russia’s problem with Chechnya!  So, maybe there are plans to deal with the pesky Muslims treacherously, after a caliphate has been established.

Have we got that right, Mr. Gorbachev?  Mr. Soros?  Mr. Rockefeller?  So, if you get a caliphate, will you be working on a nice, tidy genetic disease that only kills Arabs?  You tell us the population has to be controlled, after all — even reduced!  Just asking now.

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